ISIS sympathizer threatened to turn St. Patrick's Day parade into 'horror scene,' kill 'fat rat mayor'

An ISIS sympathizer allegedly threatened to "slaughter" cops and "kill the fat rat mayor" of a New York City suburb during a St. Patrick's Day Parade being attended by tens of thousands of people.
"First people to be crucified will be the Yonkers rats Vallahi.
Allahu Ekberr," Kola allegedly wrote to the Yonkers police on Facebook on March 9, according to the federal indictment.
"I will crucify Yonkers cops and their bosses all along McLean ave. (sic) It will be a horror scene .
Allahu Ekberr."
Allahu Ekberr," Kola allegedly said.
The mayor's office told Fox News Digital that they don't know what he was referring to in the March 6 message.
Kola's alleged threats to Yonkers police and officials go back to end of 2021.
The next day, Yonkers police went to Kola's home, and he allegedly admitted to sending the messages, according to court documents.
"I look forward to proudly leading the parade tomorrow and ask all to meet me on McLean for the festive celebration."
Other posts referenced jihad, which means war against non-Muslims, and establishing a "caliphate," or an Islamic state, through violence, according to the court documents.
"Undeterred after questioning from law enforcement, Kola’s conduct escalated, as he continued to assure police his threats would be carried out."