Death Valley National Park substantial floods leave 1,000 staff, guests stranded

Hundreds of staff members and guests were stuck in a National Park after monsoonal weather caused major flooding that prevented them from escaping Friday morning, park service officials said.
Heavy rains pushed dirt and debris onto the roads around Death Valley National Park, making them impassable and forcing officials to close the park.
The National Park Service (NPS) said the decision trapped 500 staff and 500 visitors inside.
"There are approximately 500 visitors and 500 staff currently unable to exit the park.
No injuries to staff or visitors have been reported," the National Park Service said in a statement Friday.
"On August 5, 2022, unprecedented amounts of rainfall caused substantial flooding within Death Valley National Park.
All roads into and out of the park are currently closed and will remain closed until park staff can assess the extensiveness of the situation," the statement added.
"Approximately sixty cars, belonging to visitors and staff, are buried in several feet of debris at the Inn at Death Valley," NPS said.
Park staff have identified a major break in the line due to the flooding which is being repaired.
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the Death Valley National Park warned visitors.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAll park roads remain closed as of Friday.