Senate GOP re-election committee chair Scott spotlights fundraising in Republican push to win back majority

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), acknowledges that "money is a significant issue in any campaign" and that many of the GOP Senate nominees this cycle "have gone through very tough primaries."
But Scott predicts "we’ll have a Republican Senate" in 2023.
SENATE DEMOCRATS TOPPING GOP RIVALS IN MIDTERMS FUNDRAISING FIGHTScott’s mission in steering the Senate GOP’s re-election arm is to win back control of the chamber in November’s midterm elections.
They’re also up against a very unfavorable political climate, fueled by record inflation and soaring crime, and symbolized by President Biden’s deeply negative approval ratings.
Democrats see an energized electorate that will help them defy the current expectations by political prognosticators.
And he stressed that Republicans must "always make sure you're talking about the things that people care about.
FIRST ON FOX: TOP PRO-SENATE DEMOCRAT OUTSIDE GROUP TOPS GOP RIVAL IN CASH DASHThe rival Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee out raised the NRSC during the April-June second quarter of 2022 fundraising.
The top outside group that works to elect and re-elect Democratic senators walloped its Republican rival in the latest fundraising quarterly reports.
And the fundraising by the four Democratic incumbents who’ve been heavily targeted by the GOP has been staggering, as they’ve dramatically outpaced their Republican challengers.
DSCC executive director Christie Roberts emphasized that her party’s Senate campaigns "are firing on all cylinders."
Pushing back, Scott claimed that "if you look at the Democrats that were running against, they’re radical Bernie Sanders type Democrats."
But Scott told Fox News that even if Trump announces a 2024 presidential bid before midterms, he still thinks "the election is going to be about the Biden agenda."