Prince Andrew can forget a comeback after King Charles’ coronation, experts say: ‘There’s a new boss in town’

King Charles III’s coronation is approaching, and his disgraced brother may want a role in public life again.
According to reports, Prince Andrew is allegedly assembling a $12 million "war chest" to launch a legal case against sexual abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre in a bid to force her to retract her allegations.
"Andrew can have his PR team spin out all the stories possible about what the queen’s wishes were," she shared.
A slimmed-down monarchy focusing on value for the public was only ever going to include Charles, his sons and their families.
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER"The king and Prince William are on a protect-at-all-cost mentality," Felton Spence added.
Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital Andrew, being a member of the royal family, is invited to the coronation.
KING CHARLES III CORONATION DETAILS REVEALED; NO INSIGHT INTO PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN MARKLE'S ATTENDANCE"Currently, Prince Andrew is invited to the coronation but, like Prince Harry, he won’t be required to kneel before King Charles to ‘pay homage’ as only Prince William will be kneeling," Fordwich explained.
"But there was a test of how the public would receive Prince Andrew at Christmas when he joined the family for their traditional walk to the church at Sandringham," Fordwich pointed out.
In addition, Prince Andrew is known to have been pushing to pursue business interests which are also under consideration."
"The hostility of the public and the media is such that any appearance by Andrew in public is highly controversial," Fitzwilliams added.
"King Charles and Prince William are said to be in total agreement that he has no future as a working member of the royal family.
Though Andrew has denied the sexual abuse allegations made against him, royal experts argued that the damage is long done.