Portland's Board of Education upsets parents with school choice vote

Frustrated Portland, Maine parents lashed out against the Portland Board of Education for limiting students' ability to choose their preferred high school during a voting session Tuesday night.
At a board meeting on Tuesday, parents were upset to find out that the school board voted to change the district's high school admissions policy, which entails students being randomly forced to attend a school.
Portland public school students have been able to select the high school they want to attend since the late 1970s.
While one school called Casco Bay High School is not guaranteed admission, all other students were guaranteed entrance at their chosen school Deering or Portland High School.
Enrollments in the two high schools have "fluctuated" over time.
OREGON MOMS UNION'S 'LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES' CALL FOR SCHOOL CHOICE MEASURES AND PARENTAL RIGHTSPortland Public Schools Superintendent Xavier Botana said that the fluctuation is not "endemic" to either school.
Board members said they would like to see no greater than a 30-person difference in class size between Portland and Deering.
The Deering High School alum said that the division has "hurt" the city of Portland.
Fox News Digital reached out to Portland Public Schools for a comment but did not hear back.
Widespread calls for school choice and parental rights have emerged after states implemented lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic.
Charter schools, magnet schools, and homeschooling are also forms of school choice programs.
Republican governors made significant inroads in pushing school choice legislation in recent years with many bills including ESAs.