Obama, Clinton offices say all classified documents went to National Archives

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton say they turned over all classified materials to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) at the end of their presidencies, hoping to avoid the classified documents controversies embroiling their successors.
"Consistent with the Presidential Records Act, all of President Obama’s classified records were submitted to the National Archives upon leaving office," Obama’s office said to The Hill in an emailed statement.
"NARA continues to assume physical and legal custody of President Obama’s materials to date."
"All of President Clinton's classified materials were properly turned over to NARA in accordance with the Presidential Records Act."
Under the Presidential Records Act of 1978, official records of presidents, vice presidents and their immediate staff are required to turn over certain records following their time in the White House to the NARA.
BILL MAHER ADMITS BIDEN WAS ‘VERY SHADY’ WITH DOCUMENTS, BUT SAYS HIS SCANDAL IS ‘DIFFERENT’ THAN TRUMP'SThis past summer, the FBI recovered a slew of documents after Trump declined to turn them over to the National Archives, prompting a special counsel probe.
Meanwhile, Biden's lawyers uncovered three stashes of classified documents in Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, home, as well as the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C. Federal investigators later discovered a fourth stash of Biden documents, also in his Wilmington home.
Another special counsel has been tapped to lead the investigation into Biden’s improper retention of classified records.
The discovery of classified documents in Pence's possession was made after his team conducted a search of his Indiana home and the office of his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAccording to his team, Pence informed the National Archives on Jan. 18 that a few potential classified documents were found in two small boxes.
Another two boxes contained copies of vice presidential papers.
The National Archives then informed the FBI per standard procedure.