Gallagher accuses Biden admin of being ‘divided’ on whether China or climate change is top threat to US

EXCLUSIVE: House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher called the Biden administration "divided" on whether Beijing or climate change poses the greatest national security threat to the United States, telling Fox News Digital that the split is the reason for the administration’s "policy incoherence."
Rep. Gallagher, R-Wis., is leading the new House committee focused on combating the threat China poses to the United States – a panel created for the 118th Congress by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and established with broad bipartisan support.
WHITE HOUSE SAYS US, CHINA DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS MAY ‘EXPAND’ FOLLOWING BIDEN, XI MEETING"We can still have a bipartisan spirit that makes room for thoughtful disagreement," Gallagher said.
And the White House National Security Council told Fox News Digital it plans to work with the committee on the matter.
But Gallagher said a challenge could be the apparent split between Biden administration officials in what the greatest threat to the nation is, and prioritizing how to address that threat.
"So I think that sort of competition between the two camps in the Biden administration explains a lot of their policy incoherence," he added.
But a senior administration official told Fox News that they are focusing on climate change as "a way to compete with China."
"We've been very clear about China and the threat it poses," the official continued, pointing to the administration's national security and defense strategy.
That threat, Gallagher says, is one he views in "three dimensions" – a military threat, an economic threat and an ideological threat.
With regard to the military threat, Gallagher warned that a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan could "potentially bring us into kinetic confrontation with China."
Gallagher told Fox News Digital that the United States "needs to ensure that we’re not subsidizing our own destruction."
MCCARTHY, GOP, DEMS UNITE BEHIND NEW CHINA COMMITTEE: ‘THE ERA OF TRUSTING COMMUNIST CHINA IS OVER’As for the ideological threat, Gallagher said this is a "competition between two very different systems of government."