Former top Trump administration official who launched pro-DeSantis super PAC reveals his mission

EXCLUSIVE - Ken Cuccinelli, a former top Trump administration official, says "the mission" of a recently formed super PAC he’s heading up is to help Republican Gov.
Ron DeSantis of Florida get off "to a much faster start" if he declares his candidacy for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.
DeSantis to these communities," Cuccinelli said Friday in a national exclusive interview with Fox News.
2024 WATCH: FORMER TOP TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL HELPING DESANTIS"As you might expect, Republicans across the country have their own idea about who Gov.
Asked by Fox News why he didn’t support his former boss, Cuccinelli said: "Don’t read what I’m doing here as anti-anybody, including anti-Trump.
The fact that there are A-grade candidates doesn’t change the fact that Ron DeSantis is the A-plus candidate in this race.
Cuccinelli said he told Trump of his plans to form a pro-DeSantis super PAC, explaining that "we texted back-and-forth.
It was friendly and I was very forthright with him about what I was doing and why in simple terms."
Trump and his allies have increasingly targeted DeSantis in recent weeks, and Cuccinelli’s super PAC may eventually get dragged into the political crossfire.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"You never just sit back when you’re being pummeled," he noted.
But pointing to efforts by DeSantis to mostly ignore Trump’s attacks, Cuccinelli said: "I think Gov.
He has a spectacular record, often at odds at what was going on in Washington, including in the Trump administration."