Florida battle brews over AP African American Studies program, attorney Crump threatens DeSantis with lawsuit

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump on Wednesday threatened to file a lawsuit on behalf of three high school students against Republican Gov.
Ron DeSantis over the state’s rejection of an Advanced Placement African American studies program.
DeSantis that if he does not negotiate with the College Board to allow AP African American Studies to be taught in the classrooms across the state of Florida, that [the three high school students] will be the lead plaintiffs in a historic lawsuit."
"Will we let Governor DeSantis or anybody exterminate Black history in the classrooms across America?"
Crump’s threatened lawsuit came a day after the College Board announced plans to revise the AP African-American Studies course.
"This course on Black history, what’s one of the lessons about?
Queer theory," DeSantis said earlier this week.
"Now, who would say that an important part of Black history is queer theory?
The course contains tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and elements of queer theory, according to a copy of the syllabus previously obtained by Fox News Digital.
"We are glad the College Board has recognized that the originally submitted course curriculum is problematic, and we are encouraged to see the College Board express a willingness to amend.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"As Governor DeSantis said, African American History is American History, and we will not allow any organization to use an academic course as a gateway for indoctrination and a political agenda.
We look forward to reviewing the College Board’s changes and expect the removal of content on Critical Race Theory, Black Queer Studies, Intersectionality, and other topics that violate our laws."