Chip Roy calls out Republican colleagues as border crisis rages: It's time to 'actually do something'

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas., said Wednesday it's time for Republicans to "get with the program" and "act" on issues including the need to secure the southern border.
Roy joined "Faulkner Focus" to propose suspending allowing the entry of illegal immigrants which he described as "detain or turn away."
Roy is urging his Republican colleague to get on board and actively fight back against the Biden administration, as the administration plans to place tens of thousands of migrants per month from designated countries throughout the United States.
I'm tired of Republicans using rhetoric that is actually not addressing the problem of the people getting abused.
FREEDOM CAUCUS BILL TAKES BILLIONS FROM UN TO FINISH THE US BORDER WALLThe number of migrant encounters at the besieged southern border exceeded 250,000 in December, marking the first time on record that encounters have reached that level, multiple sources tell Fox News.
29 titled "Border Safety and Security Act of 2023" would authorize the secretary of Homeland Security to suspend the entry of illegal aliens.
That's why Majority Leader Scalise made it one of our priorities because we need to detain or turn away.
That's what we need to do to change the policies at the border.
And Republicans have got to get with the program and understand what it means to actually do something about it instead of speaking about it.
Roy urged Republicans to use the debt ceiling fight to negotiate for border security and an end to the migrant crisis.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRoy and Flores noted that an "incomprehensible 4 million migrants have been encountered under the Biden regime, overwhelming Border Patrol.
More, it has allowed cartels to move some 1 million "got aways" who evade arrest and are often the more dangerous individuals – sometimes affiliated with gangs or terrorist organizations."