Biden administration's destructive UN strategy would weaken America and our allies

Biden administration officials have been talking for several weeks about these reforms, apparently, because Russia and China have been using their veto power to block U.S.-backed Security Council resolutions on Ukraine, the Middle East, and North Korea.
However, although this proposal has long been backed by most UN members and the foreign policy establishment, it is certain to go nowhere.
The UN Security Council has 15 members.
The U.S., the U.K, France, China, and Russia are the five permanent members with veto power.
If implemented, these proposals could evolve into formal limits on the use of the Security Council veto and possibly a way for the General Assembly to override vetoes.
Unfortunately, the Biden administration is refusing to admit how important America’s Security Council veto has been to protect our interests and those of our allies in the council.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERGiven continued hostility against the U.S. and Israel by many UN members, the U.S. will cast more Security Council vetoes in the future.
The Security Council veto also continues to serve an important purpose: preventing the five permanent members — all nuclear states — from passing resolutions against each other and promoting consensus.
This is not the first time a presidential administration has attempted to undermine the UN Security Council veto.
As a CIA UN analyst in the 1990s, I worked with Clinton administration officials who had their own proposals to do this.
However, they went nowhere because the other permanent members were prepared to use their veto power to block any changes to the council.
His Security Council reform proposal will accomplish further the global perception of the incompetence of the Biden administration’s leadership and foreign policy.