As Kim Jong Un prepares for nuclear test, Biden approach to North Korea is failing, experts warn

Ever since President Biden took office, North Korea has been escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula by testing its ballistic missile programs including its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
Experts in the region believe the Biden policy is failing and needs recalibrating, or risk yet another foreign policy headache.
NORTH KOREA MAKING PREPARATIONS FOR POSSIBLE NUCLEAR TEST: OFFICIALSSince the beginning of this year, North Korea has repeatedly tested its missile programs and has already conducted the 19th round of missile testing on its various ballistic missile weapons.
"Like an elite athlete conscious of his performance before the next contract negotiations, North Korea needs to enhance its net value, which means threat capability to the region and the U.S.," Lee said.
Despite its messages to renew the stalled nuclear talks, North Korea has continuously tested its missile weapons and Kim Jong Un withdrew his self-moratorium on nuclear and ICBM testing in March.
The Biden administration policy is known as the "calibrated and practical" approach to North Korea, which was set as the main overture to North Korea after the months-long policy review in 2020.
Under the policy the Biden administration has consistently sent its messages to Pyongyang that it has "no hostile intent" toward North Korea since the Kim regime demanded Washington to remove the so-called "hostile policy."
US ISSUES NEW SANCTIONS AGAINST NORTH KOREA AFTER MISSILE TESTSSome experts argue that the China factor is also making the Biden administration’s policy ineffective on North Korea given the deteriorating relationship between the two countries.
According to experts the main reason for the ineffectiveness of the Biden administration’s approach to North Korea is its precondition for the dialogue between Biden and Kim.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"The U.S. has offered North Korea to come back to the negotiating table to resolve issues through dialogue first, but North Korea has shown no interest in having an event-like dialogue again with the U.S. since the failed Hanoi summit meeting," he said.
"Given that Biden, whose hands are tied with domestic politics, will not make bold concessions on North Korea issues with the uncertainty, Washington will be highly likely to continue to take the Obama administration’s ‘strategic patience’ or ‘strategic neglect’ approach [on North Korea]," he concluded.