The battle over abortion rights helps Kamala Harris find her voice as vice president

(CNN) Vice President Kamala Harris has seized onto abortion rights as an issue all her own, cementing herself as the administration's lead messenger on an area it hopes will resonate with voters at the ballot box in November -- and beyond.
While there is no action President Joe Biden can take to restore the nationwide right to an abortion, Democrats and advocates have been pressuring the White House to do more on abortion rights.
Abortion rights have long been a prominent issue for Harris in her campaigns.
Aides say the vice president plans to be more visible on any topic that is front and center for the Democratic Party as November grows near.
In particular, Harris will continue to elevate abortion rights, ramping up her travel to speak to the "urgency of the moment," three months ahead of the midterms, aides say.
"If you think about her as a rising star in the party, that's what people saw," one person allied with Harris told CNN.
"I think on issues like this, it's clear why they are a good pair," one source close to Harris told CNN.
The vice president will start campaigning with a relatively new team around her, after a series of staffers departed her office.
One White House official credited Anita Dunn, who returned to the White House amid staffing changes in the West Wing, as responsible for some of the positive change.
Abortion roundtablesHarris has held more than two dozen roundtables on abortion rights since a draft opinion previewing the overturning of Roe v. Wade was published in Politico in May.
But advocates say Harris could be doing more, as they pressure the White House to be more aggressive on abortion rights legislation and meet the moment.
"I'm really glad that the vice president is doing these things," Renee Bracey Sherman, founder and executive director of We Testify, told CNN at in an interview.