Joe and Jill's long summer

(CNN) This summer has not been an easy one for President Joe Biden, and no one feels that more than Jill Biden.
Sequestered in Delaware for the last 12 days, Jill Biden's summer has not gone exactly as planned either.
Biden's communications director Elizabeth Alexander tells CNN the first lady feels those challenges, and "how he continues to meet the moment with courage."
But Biden's abysmal approval ratings are raising questions about whether he will, or should, run for reelection in 2024, a daunting task the White House insists is in the plans.
"(The first lady) feels what he's going through deeply," one of the people with knowledge of the Bidens' relationship told CNN.
In late July, she was supposed to go on a long-awaited, planned trip to Africa.
Lately, on summer break from teaching duties at a Northern Virginia Community College, Jill Biden had cropped up by Biden's side even more, and vice versa.
Travel, but make it domesticThe Africa trip would have been a four-day, three-country visit to a continent that is often a rite-of-passage for a solo visit from American first ladies.
Instead of Africa, Biden downshifted to her sweet spot: Domestic messenger.
A recent CNN poll indicated 75% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters want to nominate someone other than Joe Biden for the next ticket.
This summer of hardships for the President has drawn the first lady closer to her family, say several of those who spoke to CNN.
Naomi Biden announced last week she will marry fiancé Peter Neal in a ceremony on the White House South Lawn, followed by a reception.