5 things to watch tonight

(CNN) Another primary day, another test of the force of former President Donald Trump 's grip on the Republican Party.
On Tuesday, a proxy battle over the governor's office in Nebraska will be decided between a candidate backed by the state's top Republican, term-limited Gov.
(They'll also have to decide on who is going to fill his seat for the rest of the current Congress.)
Here are five things to watch in Tuesday's primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska:Is a Trump endorsement all that matters in a Republican primary?
That is the question on the ballot in the incumbent-vs.-incumbent Republican primary between Reps. Alex Mooney and David McKinley.
Because of West Virginia's shrinking population, the state lost a seat in Congress, forcing the longtime colleagues to run against each other.
He is labeling Mooney, who moved to West Virginia from Maryland in the last decade, a carpetbagger and is leaning on support from Justice and Manchin.
Ricketts, the GOP governor, and Trump are on different sides of the state's Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday.
The Ricketts family, whose patriarch Joe Ricketts founded TD Ameritrade, is among the most influential donors in the Republican Party.
It's been a scorched-earth campaign ever since, with Ricketts investing more than $1 million into an outside group, Conservative Nebraska, to attack Herbster.
An even deeper shade of redNebraska is one of the most Republican states in the country.
(Nebraska awards two electoral votes to the statewide winner in presidential races and three more to district-level winners.)