Jackson, Mississippi, residents file class action lawsuit against city over water issues

CNN —Four residents of Jackson, Mississippi, have filed a class action lawsuit against the city, the mayor, a former mayor and several others regarding the city’s water issues.
The 99-page complaint filed last week is asking for an unspecified amount of relief to “remediate the harm caused by lack of access to safe water,” it says.
CNN has contacted the defendants named in the lawsuit and is seeking comment.
The city was under one of many boil-water advisories and pumps at its main water treatment facility were already damaged when flooding last month caused the system to almost completely fail, leaving residents without water to drink, cook with, or flush their toilets.
Residents had to line up for hours to get cases of water.
But Jackson’s water problems are years old.
Last year, many residents were without water for a month after pipes froze and burst during a February storm.
The lawsuit was filed on September 16, one day after the latest boil-water order was lifted after more than 40 days.
“These residents lack more than just drinking water, or water for making powdered baby formula, cooking, showering, or laundry.
During the long period where the city pipes had no water pressure — and were unable to facilitate the flow of water — residents of Jackson could not flush their toilets for days at a time,” the lawsuit alleges.
Even before the latest crisis, the city’s water “was not fit for human consumption due to the high levels of lead and other contaminants,” the complaint states.
The EPA is investigating the water issues in the city.