US couple transforms abandoned Italian house into dream home with an elevator

Some opt to keep things as simple as possible, focusing on making the house livable again, while keeping costs down.
Massoud Ahmadi and Shelley Spencer, the first to complete renovations on an abandoned home in the Italian town of Sambuca di Sicilia, fall into the latter category.
Italian hideawayMassoud Ahmadi and Shelley Spencer bought an abandoned home in Italian town Sambuca di Sicilia back in 2019.
Two years later, and well ahead of the three-year deadline implemented by local authorities, their Italian hideaway is complete.
The renovated house features beautiful marble bathrooms, but its stand out feature is undoubtedly an indoor elevator that the couple use to whiz up and down its three levels.
So what made them decide to have an elevator, complete with a security camera and phone, installed in the property?
Elevator additionThe couple had an indoor elevator fitted inside their 100-square meter palazzo.
The couple say they've received visits from various residents keen to see the transformation of this once dilapidated house up close.
Aside from the elevator, the house features a relaxation area, a guest suite, a master bedroom, and a living area with a modern open kitchen.
In the mornings, they take their elevator down to the ground floor to enjoy a morning cappuccino and pastry at the local bar.
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Before embarking on their Italian home renovation, Massoud and Spencer were often cautioned about the risks involved with buying and improving a large house overseas.