Hot mic catches South Korean leader swearing about US lawmakers

(CNN) A criticism used on US lawmakers by the President of South Korea has gone viral on social media -- after a hot mic picked him up using an expletive.
Yoon Suk Yeol appears to have made the remark after meeting US President Joe Biden at a conference for the Global Fund in New York on Wednesday.
In a video published by South Korean television broadcaster MBC on its official YouTube channel on Thursday, Yoon can be seen walking along the stage after chatting with Biden before turning to his aides and speaking.
"It would be so embarrassing for Biden if those f***ers at the National Assembly don't approve this [bill]," he then appears to say.
The Global Fund is an international organization trying to defeat HIV, TB and malaria across the developing world and Yoon's remark appears to be a reference to Biden's pledge to contribute $6 billion, which would require Congress approval.