Adidas sports bra ads banned in UK over bare breasts

London (CNN Business) Adidas advertisements showing photo grids of bare breasts have been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority.
The apparel company's promotional material for its sports bras, released in February, featured a grid of photographs of various women's unclothed chests.
The images, which appeared in a tweet and two posters, aimed to highlight body diversity and Adidas's effort to cater to all shapes and sizes.
The ASA said it had received 24 complaints about the ads.
Some considered that the use of nudity was gratuitous, objectified women by sexualizing them and reducing them to body parts, according to the ASA ruling, published online Wednesday.
Others challenged whether the poster ads were appropriate for display where it could be seen by children.
Both complaints were upheld, and the ads must not appear again in the forms complained of, said the authority.