Senate on track to take key vote today to advance Democrats' sweeping health care and climate bill

(CNN) The Senate is on track to take a key vote on Saturday to advance Democrats' sweeping health care and climate bill toward final passage -- and the package could pass the Senate as soon as this weekend.
Senate Democrats are using a special process to pass the package without Republican votes.
Key vote expected SaturdayThe Senate is expected to take the first procedural vote to proceed to the bill sometime on Saturday.
​​Democrats control the narrowest possible majority and only 50 seats in the Senate, but are expected to be united to advance the bill in the initial procedural vote.
In order to pass a bill through the reconciliation process, however, the package must comply with a strict set of budget rules.
Senate Democrats are still waiting for key rulings from the parliamentarian on Medicare and prescription drug prices.
The timing of that vote is key because it will kick off the process and will determine when the bill will ultimately get its final vote.
As a result, the timing of votes on amendments and final passage of the bill is very much in flux.
If that happens, a final vote could potentially take place as soon as the early hours of Sunday morning.
How the bill addresses the climate crisisFor a party that failed to pass major climate legislation over 10 years ago, the reconciliation bill represents a major, long-fought victory for Democrats.
Lawmakers said the bill represents a monumental victory and is also just the start of what's needed to combat the climate crisis.
Addressing this loophole, which would have raised $14 billion over a decade, had been a longtime goal of congressional Democrats.