Knights, queens and strippers are helping fuel the spike in US unionizing efforts

Dancers protesting in front of Star Garden topless bar in North Hollywood.
And employees of video-game company, where workers voted to unionize in May , even joined the Star Garden dancers during their early picketing sessions in a show of solidarity.
She had previously worked at the company's Lyndhurst, New Jersey, castle where employees had attempted — and failed — to organize in 2006.
Monica Garza and fellow Medieval Times workers after a union vote succeeded in Lyndhurst, NJ, on July 15.
"We're not just 9-to-5 workers," said Monica Garza, who plays the role of the queen at the Lyndhurst location.
Garza said the show's cast consists of professional actors, and in the case of some of the knights, trained stuntmen.
One of the dancers, who goes by the stage name Velveeta, said she is among 18 workers who have been locked out of Star Garden since March.
A group of dancers protesting in front of Star Garden topless bar in North Hollywood.
CNN's calls and emails to the owners of Star Garden, as well as their attorney, have not been returned.
"The workers at Medieval Times and at Star Garden are not organizing in a vacuum.
"People hear about other efforts on the part of workers to organize themselves, to defend themselves and to fight for a better life."
And the Starbucks and Amazon efforts show employees aren't just organizing at workplaces that pay the least, but also at leading companies.