Accused Michigan school shooter's parents will face involuntary manslaughter charges, judge rules

(CNN) The parents of accused Oxford, Michigan, school shooter Ethan Crumbley will still face multiple involuntary manslaughter charges, a judge ruled Wednesday, despite their attempts to quash the counts against them.
Judge Cheryl Matthews said a lower court had ruled correctly that Crumbley's parents can stand trial for the charges.
He remains incarcerated at the Oakland County Jail.
But Oakland County prosecutors have voiced concerns about the release of the evidence as they prepare for the criminal trials related to the shooting.
The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office told CNN in a statement after the ruling that it will ask to intervene in the civil case so it can ask the judge to block the release of evidence.
"In addition, there is substantial research and data showing that school shooters seek notoriety, as was the case for the Oxford shooter.
We want to avoid any public release of video or other evidence that could inadvertently encourage future shooters."
As of Thursday, the prosecutor's office had not filed the motion to intervene.
"The prosecutor's office has done an excellent job of pursuing criminal charges against Ethan and his parents," Attorney Ven Johnson told CNN.
"What they haven't done a great job of is turning over these documents that these parents are absolutely entitled to."
Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN in a statement that he does not oppose release of evidence as long as it doesn't cause fair trial issues.
"In that vein, I would hope that any of the victims, families or friends who see the video would have the proper support around them as it is deeply disturbing -- even to a seasoned law enforcement professional."