Webinar to Present a Game Plan to Sidestep the Next Crypto Crash

Bizzically, which is based in Santa Monica, CA, is pleased to announce a webinar that offers a game plan to allow people to sidestep the next crypto crash by having a steady passive income from crypto whether the market is down or up. The webinar is scheduled for May 12, 2022 at 2:00 pm Pacific (Los Angeles) time. More than 16,000 individuals from 130 nations in various parts of the world have already tried the strategy to generate passive income with cryptocurrency. And because this method allows the user to get a little profit for every movement of the crypto, whether it is up or down, it provides a way to avoid the negative effects of a crypto crash.

Currently, crypto has been on a decline but this is because of the downtrend in the economy due to the war and inflation and investors are unloading risk-on assets like tech stocks and crypto. Nevertheless, a crypto crash means substantial losses and many investors are likely waiting to buy the dip. “Buying the dip” means waiting for crypto to reach its lowest price and then buying. The intent is to gain profit when crypto prices go back up. However, there is the risk that crypto may not jump back but instead go down further. Furthermore, there is no money to be gained while investors are waiting for the dip.

Dan Hollings’ approach where investors gain a little bit of money every time the crypto changes in value, whether up or down, offers a way to sidestep a crypto crash. Dan has already demonstrated that he was able to gain $699,876 in a period of 12 months through the use of crypto bots, which did most of the work 99 percent of the time. The webinar will also show live “beta” students gaining returns on their crypto by applying some of the most conservative approaches ever used in crypto. It will also show the live status of all of their clients who agreed to participate in an experiment to test crypto automations.

It will also be shown that a person can still make money on crypto even if its value drops by 58 percent without having to “short” crypto. This will clearly show how the method can be used to sidestep a crypto crash. Dan will also present every single active crypto automation that has been running up to the current time. This will be presented live and the webinar participants will get to know every coin by name and how it is currently performing, as he shows his personal crypto automation portfolio.

They want to point out, however, that the results of the strategy have been based only on the experiences of a relatively small number of people. And the information offered in the webinar should not be construed as investment, financial, or any other kind of advice. A specific person’s experience may be affected by their invested capital, education, background, and/or experience, as well as external factors that is outside of their influence. It’s actually not possible to determine the actual results for specific participants but the average returns are likely to be moderate. A participant’s returns, if any, will fluctuate and it is a good idea not to expect too much. Expectations need to be kept in check as any kind of investment always carries risks.

The authority of Dan Hollings stems from his having run over 10,000 crypto automations during the previous 49 months. Throughout that time, he has already put over $5 million worth of crypto through the markets and is therefore knowledgeable on what really works. He has already tested his approach with various individuals in more than 129 countries in both bull and bear crypto markets and he has been able to demonstrate that he has a working crypto plan and now wants to share his strategy to others.


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