Trees and Tunes: Menifee Tree Service Professionals' Annual Concert Series Among the Trees

Menifee, CA - Menifee Tree Service Professionals, a leading tree care company in Menifee, California, is delighted to announce the return of their annual concert series, "Trees and Tunes." Set amidst the beautiful trees of local parks and natural areas, the event offers a unique musical experience that combines the enchanting melodies of talented musicians with the serene atmosphere of the great outdoors.

Manda Smith, CEO of Menifee Tree Service Professionals, shares her excitement for the upcoming concert series: "We are thrilled to bring back Trees and Tunes for another year. This event offers our community a one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy live music in a breathtaking natural setting. We believe that the combination of music and nature creates a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere."

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The Trees and Tunes concert series will feature a diverse lineup of local and regional musicians, encompassing various genres, including classical, jazz, folk, and indie rock. The concerts will take place throughout the summer and fall months, allowing attendees to enjoy warm evenings under the canopy of majestic trees, illuminated by soft lighting, for a truly magical experience.

Smith discusses the importance of supporting local artists: "Our Trees and Tunes concert series is not only a celebration of the beauty of nature but also a showcase of the incredible talent we have right here in our community. We proudly provide a platform for local musicians to share their artistry with a wider audience and create lasting memories for our concertgoers."

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Menifee Tree Service Professionals is committed to environmental stewardship. The Trees and Tunes concert series is just one of the many ways the company aims to promote the importance of trees and proper tree care. In addition to the musical performances, the event will feature educational booths and demonstrations highlighting the company's tree care services and the vital role trees play in the environment.

Smith elaborates on the educational aspect of the event: "We believe that events like Trees and Tunes can serve as a powerful way to engage our community in conversations about the importance of tree care and preservation. In addition, by showcasing our local trees' beauty and services, we hope to inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world and the need for proper tree management."

To ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, Menifee Tree Service Professionals will implement a range of COVID-19 safety measures, including social distancing guidelines, hand sanitizing stations, and mask requirements when necessary. In addition, the company is closely monitoring local health regulations and will adjust its event protocols accordingly.

Smith underscores the company's commitment to safety: "The health and safety of our community are our top priorities. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that our Trees and Tunes concert series can be enjoyed safely by all who attend."

For more information about the Trees and Tunes concert series, including dates, locations, and ticket information, visit the Menifee Tree Service Professionals office at 7701 Murrieta Rd SPACE 253 Menifee, CA, 92586. Homeowners interested in the company's tree care services can reach its office at 951-307-9182 and


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