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Emerald Isle Health and Recovery, based in Sun City, Arizona, is pleased to offer a comprehensive array of resources to address eating disorders, including binge eating disorder treatment. The dedicated Clinical staff at Emerald Isle have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in treating all forms of eating disorders.

Unlike most eating disorders, the fairly common binge eating disorder (BED) is not as well-known. This illness is marked by a recurring, involuntary cycle of food binging, and it affects far more people than conditions like bulimia and anorexia. It can also be fatal in worst-case scenarios. Treatment addresses not only the condition itself but also the mental health issues that are affecting the individual in order to ensure the best chance of getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

Most people only binge eat on occasion. However, affected people eat much more in a given amount of time than others who do not have BED. They also feel unable to stop themselves from eating in such large amounts. In this aspect binge eating disorder resembles bulimia, though people with BED do not attempt to eliminate the calories they consume. In some cases, while they may still have an average weight for their height and age, most people with BED will meet the criteria for clinical obesity. In addition to obesity, other problems can occur as well, including gastroesophageal reflux disease, difficulty breathing, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and trouble in the joints. Additional BED can often lead to a decline in normal ability to function, isolation and damage to quality of life.

Certain mental illnesses are relatively common in people with binge eating disorder, including anxiety and mood disorders. There are several treatment options for BED, including medication which helps reduce the frequency and urge to binge eat. It should be noted that medication alone will not get rid of the BED associated weight gain. Psychotherapy is also commonly used to treat BED. Interpersonal therapy may be used in order to help BED patients have a better quality of interaction with the people in their lives. Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are two more options used in the treatment for BED. This disorder is one that can be overcome with time and effort, and under the care of specialists at Emerald Isle, a patient is much more likely to experience a complete recovery.

Emerald Isle also offers body dysmorphia treatment. Most people have insecurities and concerns about their appearance, which is considered normal. However, a person can become excessively preoccupied with how others view their body and also focus excessively on their self-perceived body flaws. If these perceptions significantly damage an individual’s ability to function, it is likely that they are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. A person can recover from body dysmorphia with proper treatment, which helps re-establish a healthy perspective of their physical appearance. Early detection and body treatment are key — the longer the person suffers from the condition, the worse it can get. Effective recovery plans are customized to suit each patient’s individual needs at Emerald Isle.

Another common eating disorder that Emerald Isle offers treatment for is Anorexia Nervosa. Patients with this disorder develop eating-related behaviors that lead to extremely low body weight, which can be fatal in worst case scenarios. Like most eating disorders, anorexia is difficult to treat, but not impossible. Usually, anorexia treatment needs specialized support and care (and individualized support). As a rule, they also rely on the expertise of multiple kinds of healthcare professionals, which is the approach followed by Emerald Isle. In certain cases, people with anorexia may need temporary hospitalization, psychotherapy, medical and supportive care. They may also require counseling from a nutritionist. A patient’s loved ones can often play an important role in terms of support and help with living conditions that make it easier for the process of recovery.

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery has made it their mission to serve as a source of healing, hope and education to those struggling with substance use disorder or mental illness by providing targeted treatment. They also make it a point to provide innovative and personalized treatment approaches in order to uphold the highest quality of care. The main goal of the facility is to give every patient the best chance of overcoming the conditions they are struggling with.

To learn more about Emerald Isle, interested parties may visit their official website. Those who wish to seek treatment for themselves or a loved one are welcome to contact the center directly via their 24-hour hotline.

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