Tiny Rituals Introduces Tumbled Stones Collection

Encinitas, California -

Tiny Rituals, a company based in Encinitas, CA, is pleased to announce their launch of the Tumbled Stones Collection, which are healing stones and crystals such as obsidian stone, sodalite stone, recharging stones, fluorite stone, rose quartz stone, lapis lazuli stone, amazonite stone, tiger eye stone, malachite stone, moss agate stone, carnelian stone, howlite stone, clear quartz stone, amethyst stone, green aventurine stone, and more.

One item from the Tumbled Stones Collection is the Lepidolite Stone Set that comes soaked in its own lithium and is considered to be the best remedy for people who want to find their emotional balance. Lepidolite acts as a lullaby of calm and has been known to decrease stress and temper mood swings, and help the person escape from destabilizing patterns.

AMAZONITE STONEs held in a palm

Another example of tumbled stones from Tiny Rituals is the Smoky Quartz Stone Set, which are healing crystals that contain a lot of positivity. This crystal can work across the mind, soul, and body of the person, absorbing negative energy, infusing intuitive knowledge, and connecting with the root chakra to allow them to remain balanced even during times when there are a lot of problems.

The Citrine Stones from the Tumbled Stones Collection provide a golden glow that allow these healing stones to offer good vibes. The citrine stone is also known as the merchants stone and the summer stone and provide as much luck as the person can carry.

The Red Jasper Stone Set offers warmth and comfort and provides protection, grounding, and shades of passion. This type of healing tumbled crystals is known for its capability to infuse the person with physical strength, increase courage levels, and help the person deal with challenging situations.

The Snowflake Obsidian Stone contains shades of black and white, reminding people of the value of yin and yang energies and then keeping the mind, body, and spirit strong and soft. Obsidian stones are primarily for protection and their white flecks offer purity and soothing vibes.

The Sodalite Stone Set offers healing crystals to wash a person’s sorrows and problems away. The sodalite stone surges with ocean energy and is splashed with fresh vibes. With its sea shades of blue and white, it can strengthen communication, spark one’s imagination, and help the individual achieve inner peace.

Tiny Rituals also makes available spiritual jewelry that are not only fashion applications. These particular jewelry were curated from ancient crystals and precious gems and they have different kinds of healing characteristics that may be used to balance the soul, mind, and body. These spiritual jewelry are available in different forms, including healing rings and gemstone bracelets. They make available a wide range of different spiritual gemstone bracelets. Choosing the appropriate gemstones for a particular person will depend on the person’s star sign, chakra colors, or simply by intuition. Meanwhile, healing rings can be utilized to block chakras and emotional ties. Their broad range of healing rings may be just what certain people require in the fast paced modern world where individuals frequently lose their deep-set beliefs and energy patterns. Healing rings can stimulate a person to soul search and hold intention, which can be precisely what is required to illuminate a person’s spiritual path.

Tiny Rituals was initiated by the founders when they personally observed the malnutrition that children in India had been suffering from, particularly those who are living in poor communities. The company was founded with the mission of helping children fight Vitamin A deficiency disorder by donating 10 percent of their profits to give at-risk children the appropriate nutrition that they need. They want to protect those children who require proper nutrition by providing inspired spiritual jewelry. They offer quality gemstones with grade AA or better stones in their products to make sure that these have great quality, purpose, and clarity.

Those who want to learn about gemstones and the other products for the home or altar can check out the Tiny Rituals website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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