The Fresh Lobster Company, LLC: Delivering the Freshest Maine Lobster Meat Straight to The Doorstep

The Fresh Lobster Company, LLC is proud to announce its exceptional service of delivering the freshest, just-caught lobster meat to seafood enthusiasts across the nation. The secret to their operation lies in the strong relationships they foster with local fishermen and lobstermen at their pier, enabling them to source the finest lobster directly from the boats and FedEx them overnight to customers in every corner of the country.

At The Fresh Lobster Company, the focus is on preserving lobster meat's otherworldly flavor, which starts with freshness. Rather than settling for merely fresh seafood, the company goes the extra mile by offering live lobsters of various sizes, delivered right to customers' front doors. This ensures that the lobster meat retains its unmatched taste, providing an unparalleled dining experience.

"We take great pride in our commitment to providing the best lobster meat and seafood to our customers," said a spokesperson for The Fresh Lobster Company. "Our passion drives us to source, maintain, and ship each order with the utmost care, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest lobster meat, tails, and crabs for their culinary delights."

The Fresh Lobster Company is not only known for the quality of its products but also for its exceptional customer service. With over two decades of experience in the industry, the company distinguishes between fresh lobster meat and inferior alternatives that have been frozen or unfrozen for extended periods during transportation. They guarantee top-quality lobsters that are at their peak freshness, and customers can even track their orders with regular notifications throughout the shipping process.

"We want our customers to have the best experience possible when they order from us," added the spokesperson. "That's why we offer free shipping on selected seafood gift packages, making it more convenient and affordable for seafood lovers to indulge in our amazing Maine lobsters."

As a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction, The Fresh Lobster Company offers a 24/7 ordering system, ensuring that customers can enjoy their heavenly seafood delicacies whenever they desire. Whether it's a special occasion or a casual gathering, the company's delicious lobster meat is the perfect centerpiece for an unforgettable meal.

In addition to their renowned fresh lobster meat, The Fresh Lobster Company also offers a variety of other premium seafood products to cater to the diverse palates of their customers. From succulent lobster tails to delectable crabs, their offerings promise to elevate any dining experience.

For those seeking to surprise a loved one with the gift of the freshest seafood in the market, The Fresh Lobster Company can deliver directly to their doorstep, creating an unforgettable surprise that will be cherished for a lifetime.

To enjoy the best lobster meat on the market, delivered fresh to one's door, place an order today at The Fresh Lobster Company is committed to ensuring that seafood enthusiasts everywhere can savor the finest, most delicious ocean delights, no matter their location.

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The Fresh Lobster Company, LLC is a provider of the freshest lobster meat, sourced directly from local fishermen and lobstermen. With over two decades of experience, the company is committed to delivering the highest quality seafood to customers across the United States, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience for all seafood enthusiasts. To learn more or place an order, visit


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