The Curtain Shop Helps Homeowners Welcome Spring With Curtains, Valances & More

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The Curtain Shop wants to help refresh your home in time for the upcoming spring season. While their online store does offer a wide variety of stunning curtains to select from, customers will be pleased to learn that they can also find drapes, valances, window treatments, toppers and even bedding for every room in the house at The Curtain Shop.

The turn of the seasons is an exciting time for those who like to ensure their home stays in tune with the environment outside. As a season, spring is also one of the most beloved since it embodies the renewal of life and offers a sense of awakening to everything it touches. The Curtain Shop has long known that the right set of curtains (and other accessories) can bring this vitality into the home as well, and they are eager to help their customers pick a new set that accomplishes this in accordance with their tastes. Notably, while The Curtain Shop offers tips a customer may use when looking for curtains, they encourage everyone to consider these suggestions valid for other items as well.

The store recommends that homeowners begin by writing down a list of objectives that clearly define what they hope to get out of a new set of curtains. This list should not be considered definitive by any means, but it can give a shopper somewhere to begin looking. The Curtain Shop explains that the sheer variety of curtains and curtain fabrics can be overwhelming, so making a list of preferences can help narrow down the list of possibilities. They should also remember that the store offers a number of distinct colors and designs to choose from. See more here:

For instance, the homeowner should consider what style of curtain they want. Each curtain serves a distinct purpose, so they may wish to consider the available options. Sheers may allow some light into the room while offering a reasonable degree of privacy, but some may prefer solids simply due to the fact that they are difficult to go wrong with. At the other end of the spectrum from sheers are black-out drapes that can completely block out light. This may be preferred for those who are night owls who wish to control the amount of light allowed in during the day. The Curtain Shop points out that such drapes do not necessarily have to come in black — and a homeowner can still celebrate spring’s arrival by choosing black-out drapes in a lively, bright color of their choice.

Another aspect to consider is the weave. While two curtains may both be made of cotton, the store explains, their individual weaves may give them a very different sensation when touched. Certain weaves also produce textures that are more pleasing to the eye, especially when sunlight streams through in the early hours of the day. Unless the home is getting a complete makeover for spring, the customer should further consider how the material, weave and color will tie into their existing decor. A little planning can go a long way, and the store points out that other accessories can help tie everything together as well. See examples here:

Whatever a customer eventually decides to get, they are highly likely to find it in stock at The Curtain Shop. The store looks forward to helping them make a selection and then ensure it is delivered with minimal hassle.

Rebecca S. says in a 5-Star review, “What a nice surprise I had today. My curtains that were ordered Wednesday were delivered first thing Friday morning! That's a first.” This customer goes on to explain that their surprise had to do with the standard of customer service the store demonstrated. The review explains, “There was a problem with my order over the internet. I received a personal phone call from the company on Wednesday morning to straighten it out, and they [have been] delivered on Friday! You can't get better than that for customer service and professionalism! I will be ordering from you over and over again. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and outstanding product!”

The Curtain Shop has been proudly serving their community since 1953, and they welcome any inquiries from those who need help choosing their next set of valances, drapes and window curtains for the kitchen, bath, bedroom and beyond. Customers may learn more about the store’s products via their website. Alternatively, they may contact Deborah Beam of The Curtain Shop for additional details.


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