The Crypto Bubble Is About To Burst

Cryptocurrency grid trader and trainer Dan Hollings is urging crypto investors around the world to brace for the coming fall in cryptocurrency prices while offering an innovative trading strategy that promises to help those with crypto holdings weather the storm and even make a moderate profit.

There have been many news reports in recent weeks that present a dire picture of the future of the cryptocurrency landscape. A report from the Wall Street Journal in the first week of May said that NFT sales had fallen to a daily average of 19,000 compared to 225,000 in September 2021. This is a dramatic fall of 92% which could be a result of the market’s reaction to prominent voices in the tech industry such as Elon Musk repeatedly mocking the concept of NFTs and Web3.0 over the last several months on Twitter.

To add fuel to the fire, on Monday, 9th May 2022, Bitcoin reached a ten-month low, a price that was almost half of its value from November 2021. On May 11, 2022, it breached the $30,000 threshold, sparking fears that this was the end of the crypto market. A few days ago, billionaire Mark Cuban had likened the falling crypto prices to the bursting of the dot-com bubble in the 2000s. The ripples of the falling Bitcoin prices reverberated into other cryptocurrencies too, as Ethereum prices were also down 24% in the last three months.

Dan Hollings commented on the dour state of affairs by saying, “The fall in the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coins was inevitable. This is just a stepping stone in the natural evolution of a brand new paradigm of value creation. In fact, Yahoo Finance has predicted that the global cryptocurrency industry is set to cross $32.4 trillion by 2027. Though a lot of people will lose or may have already lost money in the most recent bloodbath, I’m pretty sure they were in it for the short term profits anyway and did not have much belief in the new distributed global economy that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to usher in the coming decades. If you have crypto holdings, it is natural to be concerned during such tumultuous times but I want to tell you that there is a way to ride the ebb and flow of this tide and come out stronger on the other end. I’ve perfected a new crypto investing strategy that is agnostic to market forces and will make you money regardless of whether the market is going up or down. I call it the ‘wiggle method’ and it is the key to unlocking passive income through cryptocurrency investing. I urge you to join our webinar to find out more about how you can benefit from my strategy and make the most of the current market.”

Dan Hollings has claimed in a statement that he has risked more than $3.1 million and years of his time to perfect the cryptocurrency trading strategy that he is offering to his students who are making as much as 264% on their money per year. The method has made Dan Hollings, personally, around $3 million in passive income over the last 3 years. He claims that his method is working in the current unpredictable and volatile cryptocurrency market in 2022 and is being used by over 16,000 students in 130 countries. Moreover, he says that the system has been designed in such a way that it can be used without any trading skills or experience and by dedicating very little time to it. To arrive at the winning strategy, Dan Hollings says he ran over 10,000 crypto-automations over the past 49 months to find one that works well regardless of market conditions.

Dan Hollings is an internet marketing expert and Amazon specialist who has sold over $300 million on the Amazon platform and authored numerous popular courses such as AmazoPartnering, AmazoNinja, and AmazoX. He was the marketing strategist behind the viral book and movie ‘The Secret.’ He is now using his skill set and experience to add value to the world of cryptocurrencies.


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