Super Manifestation X Radionics Software Updates With Image Resizing For Imported Background Images

The new Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software program at has added an exciting new feature for radionics software users. Because background images for the program generally conform to specific dimensions, the software has been upgraded to automatically resize all imported custom background images to the appropriate size without additional user action.

Background images are standardized within the program, but users can import customer backgrounds that they design. User designed background images are unlikely to conform to proper dimensions without additional effort on the part of the user. By adding the automatic background image resizing routine Super Manifestation X 2022 is making the powerful radionics software workstation even more user friendly.

"Digital images can vary tremendously in size. When users design their own backgrounds or find images they wish to use as background images it is important that they are sized properly. Previously it was the responsibility of the user to size the images. Now Super Manifestation X 2022 does that function automatically for users," says Mike Devino of

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Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software is now available at and allows users to create, save, load, modify and run complex radionic operations and templates and manage a library of operations with ease.

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