Suffolk County Traffic Ticket Lawyer Edward Palermo Explains the Importance of Having a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyer Edward Palermo ( releases a new article explaining the importance of having a traffic ticket lawyer. The lawyer mentions that it is important to not plead guilty to moving traffic violence immediately because these violations can cause harm to the person’s insurance rates and jeopardize their license. Having a traffic ticket lawyer can make all the difference in ensuring that a person’s license is not revoked.

According to the Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyer, “Almost any lawyer can say that they can handle a traffic matter. You must beware though, most lawyers are not criminal attorneys and have no familiarity with the cross-examination of police officers and negotiations with prosecutors. DWI attorneys use these skills regularly. You need a lawyer who practices in these areas every day to ensure the best possible results.”

Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyer

The lawyer mentions that having a traffic lawyer means that the defendant will be represented better in court. In some cases, the defendant will not have to show up in court if they have a traffic lawyer on their side.

Attorney Edward Palermo adds that it is best to always fight a ticket instead of pleading guilty right away. A lawyer can help the defendant explore what options they may have toward their freedom and not getting their license revoked.

In the article, attorney Palermo says, “I defend drivers on Long Island and New York City. As a Suffolk County Traffic Ticket Lawyer/Suffolk County Speeding Ticket Lawyer I understand the ramifications that points can have on your driver’s license. Long Island is an impossible place to live without driving privileges. I will zealously represent you in traffic court. I pride myself on my ability to get my client’s the results they need.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled traffic ticket lawyer when dealing with matters involving speeding and other traffic-related tickets. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the client achieve a more favorable outcome.

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