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Stratton Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Buckinghamshire, UK, has recently published a blog post that serves as a guide to Google business profile. A Google business profile, which was previously known as “Google my business” or GMB, has become a necessity for online marketers because the Google business profile is the online version of the Yellow pages. This means that anyone who is looking for the product or service being offered by the company in their area will know about it. Thus, the Google business profile is a marketing tool, which can provide a lot of benefits if used properly.

Phil Roskams, founder of Stratton Digital, says, “A Google business profile is a smart, free way of increasing your sales and profit. This is because people search Google billions of times a day, and in your local area people are hunting down businesses just like yours. If they know you exist, and like the look of what you’re offering, then you’re on the fast track to a booming business. Best of all, it is free. By leaning on Google’s almost never-ending pool of customers, you’re tapping into a gigantic portion of your market – and it doesn’t cost you a penny.”

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A Google business profile offers the local business various options and it is not just a simple business listing. There are a number of ways to benefit from having a Google My Business account through the various options provided, such as: business information, reviews, photos, and discounts and offers.

The business information section of the Google business profile is vital because it tells potential customers something about the business, including who they are, what they do, their opening times, the location of the business, the company website, and more. Through the details provided, potential customers will decide whether the products or services of the company are what they are really looking for. The key is to provide as much detail as possible.

And the reviews are a key component of the Google business profile. This is because people will frequently browse the reviews of a particular business they are interested in to make sure that they really deliver on their promises. Positive reviews are basically word-of-mouth advertising because potential customers typically rely on the experience of others to help them decide on whether they can trust that particular business. Furthermore, it is also possible to reply to a particular customer who wrote a review, especially if the feedback is not so good. Chances are the customer misunderstood about what is being provided and responding to the review may allow the customers to change their wrong perception about the product or service. And even for positive reviews, it is a good idea to reply to the customers and thank them for taking the time to leave a review.

Photos are also an important part of the Google business profile. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, providing photos of the products or the service being provided can greatly help potential customers in really understanding the kinds of products or services being offered. In addition, photos of smiling customers can also help greatly in boosting the credibility of the business.

And finally, it is also possible to include discounts and various offers in the Google business profile. By using the “post” function of the GMB account, it is possible to inform people about a special offer or discount.

Founded in 2015, Stratton Digital has the goal of helping local businesses with their online marketing needs, using a combination of marketing strategies that they call “be found be chosen.” They have a team of specialists in local business marketing who are always focused on providing the best possible results. Each member of the team is provided access to knowledge about the most up to date marketing strategies to make sure they continue to be at the top of their game and are capable of delivering excellent results every time.

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