Southeast Memphis Roofing Company Taking its Inspections to a Whole New Level

Southaven, Mississippi -

Southaven, MS-based Mighty Dog Roofing has been satisfying its Southeast Memphis customers for many years now. They do that by providing high-quality roof repair services along with exceptional customer care and quality roofing products. The company also boasts of having one of the most thorough roof inspection processes that can be found in and around the Southeast Memphis area.

The branch owner, George Vasquez, says, “Unless someone just needs a small leak fixed or a few shingles replaced, it’s very hard to give that customer an accurate estimate for a roof repair. That’s why we make it a point to be very thorough on every roof inspection that we do. This allows us not only to give very accurate estimates that tend to avoid cost add-ons during a project, but it also lets us plan a roof repair well in advance, so we get that job done right.”

Mighty Dog Roofing of Southeast Memphis

Vasquez went on to say that the roofing inspections are so thorough because they do what they call their professional 25-point inspection. It includes such steps as checking roof edges, valleys, drip edging, and eaves rakes. They will also look closely at leak-prone areas such as where chimney flashing has been applied and where rubber boots are attached to the bottom of roof vents. He stated they will even make sure a roof is properly ventilated so a customer can avoid needing to have shingles prematurely replaced. They also look at non-roof area during the inspection such as foundation drainage, siding, and windows on a home. The company owner also pointed out that the detailed roof inspections that the company does are also completely free of charge.

Vasquez also talked about how many of his customers are surprised to find out that their roof inspections are also now being done using advanced drone technology. It’s something that greatly aids the staff at Mighty Dog Roofing of Southeast Memphis when it comes to doing detailed inspections that produce accurate results. He says that drone use for roof inspections helps in other ways too. It all starts with making the roof inspection process much safer because often having a tech get up on a roof is no longer required. These types of inspections also greatly speed up the roof inspection process. Something he added that’s very important when a customer needs to submit a roof damage claim to their insurance provider. He also mentioned that using drone technology for roof inspections is fast becoming the best way to assess the current condition of any commercial or residential roof.

Vasquez also went over how he is proud to be a local owner-operator that has roots in the Southeast Memphis community. He also likes being part of the nationwide Mighty Dog Roofing family and the benefits it gives him that he can pass on to his customers. This includes customers having a vault created for them once Mighty Dog Roofing has done a roof repair, window replacement, siding installation, gutter replacement, or other exterior services for them. These customer vaults include the dates a project was done, the materials used, any warranties that apply to the job, and most likely some before during, and after photos. The company owner is also very fond of what their parent company refers to as their ‘visualizer app’. An app that lets a customer get an approximation of what their home will look like with different colors or styles of shingle upon it. He also wanted to be sure that those in the Southeast Memphis area were aware that they offer a wide variety of emergency roofing services, and it would be hard for anyone to find a company in that area who responds faster to a customer’s request for help when they have suffered unexpected roof damage.

Vasquez stated that those that would like more information on this Southeast Memphis roofing company and the many roofing and other exterior services that they do can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on their website.


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