Service Club Delivery Brings The Courier Evolution To US Markets

Barcelona, Spain based Service Club Delivery is pleased to announce that they are expanding their services into parts of the United States. Specifically, the company states that customers can expect to find their services in Chicago, New York and Boston.

Service Club Delivery’s mission is to build a global courier fleet that will have access to training and other resources that will make their careers more rewarding and present better opportunities for them in the future. A crucial aspect of this goal is to accommodate the needs of existing courier services by giving them access to trained, specialized talent who can meet their demands in a rapidly changing environment. Furthermore, Service Club Delivery filters members based on a variety of factors, such as their availability, service area, transport type and more, and this enables participating companies to filter applicants for those who best fit their requirements.

“This expansion,” Service Club Delivery states, “will allow us to recruit more people who are interested in working as couriers or drivers while also offering more white-label solutions to companies like UberEats or Postmates by delivering food from restaurants on their platform using their own riders. We offer a variety of recruitment options, such as full service recruiting, where we do all the work for you so you can focus on your core business.”

The company has already experienced a great deal of success implementing their vision in no fewer than 7 countries, and their team has grown from just 3 employees to nearly 40 within a single year. People are always looking for courier jobs, whether to get started in the job market or to supplement their existing income. Service Club Delivery simply makes it easier for them to find such jobs, and membership comes with numerous perks. For instance, the training they receive means they are better suited for the roles they are interested in, and businesses that search for talent via filtered leads enjoy the benefit of both a higher onboarding rate and retention.

Feedback on the company’s work is typically positive in nature. While Service Club Delivery is still new to the field, their ideas have taken the associated industry by storm, and couriers and businesses alike are quickly discovering the many advantages their service has to offer. One 5-Star Google review shares that the company provides what they call, “Great support and hand holding the whole way! Thanks, guys. Also, I love how they gamify the experience — it feels like I'm making progress to become a motorbike / bike courier but having a bit of fun along the way. Massive thanks to the team and the academy they provide. If you're looking for delivery courier jobs, start here.”

To begin with, the company employs a form of platform-wide artificial intelligence that examines its users' needs and habits. This effectively means that businesses may find that they are never short on couriers in certain areas, which is an issue that tends to arise during peak demand. The system swiftly learns to recognize and anticipate these patterns and search its database to find couriers who may be available (along with similar measures).

Service Club Delivery also believes that couriers need to know more than how to get from point A to point B to do their jobs effectively. As such, they have implemented microlearning programs that train couriers in customer service, communication, health and safety and more. Currently, the program includes modules on pandemic management as well. While a courier should not necessarily be mistaken for a brand ambassador, the service they provide should still help to build a positive reputation for the business in question. This is vital given that couriers deliver much more than food on their routes, including but not limited to parcels, post, clothes, books and other items that can be purchased online. High-value brands can, therefore, expect to sign on with Service Club Delivery and not see any drop in the value of their accompanying delivery service.

In the spirit of building an open and inclusive platform, the company has been running a Service Club Blog since they started. This blog aims to help prospective couriers learn more about the industry they will be in and the type of jobs they may take on — along with the benefits and lifestyle that comes with it.

Service Club Delivery looks forward to working with brands and couriers in the US, and they welcome all inquiries from interested parties. Shawn Milbo of Service Club Delivery can be reached for further details.


For more information about Service Club Delivery, contact the company here:

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