Safe Mutual Performs a Private KYC for Stratosphere Defi

San Francisco, California -

SafeMutual, a leading provider of crypto security, has recently performed a private Stratosphere Defi KYC (know your customer) verification, which implies the verification of their identity and that an actual person is running the project. This ensures investors and makes them feel safer and more inclined to invest in a project they can trust. This particular crypto project offers to solve the problems of cryptocurrencies in the past, such as liquidity provisioning, mining rewards, and farming rewards.

Decentralized exchanges need to have liquidity to encourage user participation, which is why developers have the responsibility of providing it. Historically, developers did this by creating incentives for users in order to provide liquidity that can be outweighed by risk because of the subjectivity of impermanent loss. To solve this problem, Stratosphere uses a smart contract function to automatically capture liquidity that can be used on the decentralized exchanges and held in custody independently from possession by user. Furthermore, a smart contract is used to provide the ability to burn tokens to ensure scarcity by decreasing the total supply. Together, these tokenomics may offer much better benefits for the community in a decentralized exchange. By enabling these functions to be intensified depending on volume, an ideal incentive is offered that serves to speed up adoption and promote new use cases. In addition, traditional mining is both inconvenient and costly for the user. To solve this, static and frictionless token reflection rewards accumulate by simply holding one’s tokens. This also has an innovative hold farming reward structure that is combined with alternatives for staking and earning the reward token Afterburner.

Meanwhile, an important service provided by SafeMutual is the KYC service. For this, their team will connect with the client and privately verify their identity. This will assure the crypto project’s community that it is being run by a real person without revealing the person’s identity. They can ensure clients that they will never share or sell their personal information.

Another service offered by SafeMutual is brand establishment. They have a team of marketing experts whose goal will be to take the client’s brand to the next level. This will ensure that the brand will have more visibility through placement on popular websites, such as Entrepreneur, Time Magazine, Yahoo News, and more.

And finally, SafeMutual also offers a smart contract audit. They have a team of experience smart contract auditors who will manually assess the client’s solidity code to make sure that the code is ready for launch and that it has been built to ensure the protection of users.

SafeMutual is a leading provider of crypto security and has established their mission of improving the security and the trust factor of a client’s project to make new and current investors feel secure and comfortable in purchasing the token. They add several layers of security to the crypto project that serves to influence the buying decisions of potential and current investors. These are: private KYC, where they verify identity privately and discreetly to boost the client’s trust with the community; security audit, where their solidity experts go through the contracts to validate its integrity and security; and liquidity locker, which locks liquidity to influence buying decisions of potential and current investors.

Stratosphere DeFi has the goal of solving the problems of previous cryptocurrencies including farming rewards, liquidity provisioning, and mining rewards. Stratosphere Defi is a cryptocurrency project that was established with the primary mission of offering investors a lifetime of passive income. Specifically, 13 percent of traded volume is distributed in BNB or partner tokens that investors can choose freely to holders depending on their share of $Stratosphere. In addition, Stratosphere Defi employs the income of the marketing wallet to buy back and burn $Stratosphere tokens. Stratosphere tokenomics provides the assurance that investors will have a sustainable life time income, safety of liquidity, and accelerated marketing activities.

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