Rural Kentucky Internet Provider Reaches Milestone Of 5,000 Customers

Owenton, Kentucky -

Owenton, KY – Broadlinc announces the milestone of providing internet to 5,000 homes in Kentucky. Broadlinc is an established internet, cable, and phone provider in Kentucky. They reach rural Kentucky homes and businesses via a growing infrastructure of cable, fiber, and wireless broadband towers. They currently offer networks in portions of Bullitt, Muhlenberg, McLean, Owen, Boone, Henry, Gallatin, Wayne, and Carroll Counties.

The achievement of this milestone is in no small part due to the efforts of the Broadlinc sales team. This field team relies on a traveling staff that delivers customized internet service packages for each individual and business. This team reached a new record of 800 net adds in the combined Q1 & Q2 of 2022.

“The company has been on an incredible journey this year, and we are just getting started. Our team overcame many obstacles and conquered the impossible. Everyone played an integral part in the success of the company and achieved great results. Reaching 5000 customers, adding new towers, and entering new markets is just the beginning of our success story,” said VP of Operations TJ Scott.

Formerly known as White Cloud Communications, Broadlinc is focused on expanding the internet to underserved rural communities. One of the challenges of building rural internet is the vulnerability of the network phases to environmental elements such as squirrels and ice storms.

By including wireless broadcasting towers in their network, Broadlinc is able to offer uninterrupted high-speed internet access, even during inclement weather.

Broadlinc believes in setting audacious goals. Every new tower means that more families can access the internet. This means that children can access the resources that they need in order to progress in school. Expanding internet access also opens the door for more business opportunities, allowing remote work and access to a wider pool of employees.

A hardened network is important to Broadlinc’s growth. By combining diverse providers and methods of internet access, Broadlinc is offering a more resilient network to Kentucky’s residents.

Delivering internet to the last mile has always been the most cost-prohibitive aspect of rural internet. While fiber to the home is always the end goal, for now, commercial fiber to businesses is the first step. Leveraging existing infrastructure and adding broadband connectivity are essential tools in solving this problem of last-mile deliverability to the doorstep of rural Kentuckians.

Broadlinc is also a participant in the Affordable Connectivity Program, assisting in the FFC program goals of providing internet to low-income households. Potential customers in Kentucky can learn more about Broadlinc by calling 855-552-2253 or by following them on Facebook.


For more information about Broadlinc, contact the company here:

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