Roseville Tree Service Pros' Newly Recruited Employees Become ISA Certified

Roseville, California – A company well known for the professionalism of its workers in handling trees, Roseville Tree Service Pros, announced earlier today that its last set of employees had received their ISA certification.

"Before anyone starts working for Roseville Tree Service Pros," said the CEO, "a test is done to determine where his or her biggest strength lies. He is then subjected to only offering that service. This is how Roseville Tree Service Pros has managed to maintain its place as the most professional tree care company in Roseville and its suburbs.”

"The newly recruited employees passed through the same test and proved they all weren’t newbies in tree care," boasted the CEO. “However, three out of the 25 new employees lacked an ISA certificate. Considering they had met all the other requirements, there was no reason for Roseville Tree Service Pros to leave them out."

"After a quick engagement with the three," continued the CEO, "they all showed interest in owning an ISA certificate. The company, therefore, made arrangements for the same, and when the test came, they did very well and received their certificates.”

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The CEO noted that Roseville Tree Service Pros is also ISA-certified. He added that the company also has other certificates and has won many awards since it was founded.

"Apart from all employees being ISA certified now," said the CEO, "Roseville Tree Service Pros also has its ISA certificate. The company got the certificate only a few months after it was started. That marked the beginning of many other certificates for the company. As of today, the company has more than 20 tree care certificates and has received uncountable awards."

The CEO revealed that the new 25 were recruited because of the increased number of tree care requests in Roseville Tree Service Pros.

"This year has been a blessing to Roseville Tree Service Pros," said the CEO. "The number of tree care requests has been expanding every day. It reached a point where the existing employees couldn’t handle all the requests. Roseville Tree Service Pros had to hire tree care specialists from a tree care agency in Tennessee. Although they had high professionalism, they were way too expensive, and hence Roseville Tree Service Pros had to slightly increase tree care charges. The homeowners were quick to notice, and they started sending their complaints to the company. The company, therefore, had to look for employees who would help it save a significant amount of money so prices could drop back to normal. That is when the 25 were recruited.”

The CEO said he was grateful for the homeowners' choosing Roseville Tree Service Pros and urged them to continue making their tree care appointments with the company.

"The increased number of requests suggests that homeowners now understand the need to use a good tree care company on their trees, and the importance of taking good care of trees," said the CEO. "The Roseville Tree Service Pros team couldn’t be any happier than it is now because they understand that the more requests, the better the environment. To continue improving the environment, Roseville Tree Service Pros is open to as many requests as possible from homeowners in Roseville and its suburbs. If it means going back to the recruitment procedure, the company is ready, so keep the requests coming.”

Roseville Tree Service Pros is located at 648 Vernon Oaks Dr Roseville, CA, 95678. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 916-831-7878 or


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