Roofing Expert Helps Homeowners in Manchester Find Water Damage

CT-based Slavin Home Improvements is helping Manchester homeowners keep track of any possible water damage in their attics. Water damage of any kind can pose a significant threat to a home, and its presence in an attic should be taken seriously. Homeowners are welcome to contact Slavin Home Improvements today for additional assistance.

As part of their mission to facilitate a community of more informed homeowners, Slavin Home Improvements has published a new blog post that can help people both locate and address water damage in their attics.

In ‘Signs that You Have Attic Water Damage,’ the company says, “Water damage is one of the most devastating roofing issues any homeowner can encounter. It can leave your sheathing and rafters in poor, softened condition.” Homeowners will be pleased to learn, however, that checking for water damage can be a relatively easy process. While mitigation might require professional attention, it is considered good practice for residents to keep an eye out for obvious signs of water damage.

The benefit of this is that water damage caught early can also be corrected early. If not corrected, water damage can quickly spread and cause long-lasting issues. Slavin Home Improvements points out that it can also lead to mold problems if any excess moisture reaches an organic surface or material in the area.

One of the signs of water damage listed in the Slavin Home Improvements blog post is ceiling discoloration. According to the company, ceiling plywood and boards will change color when exposed to water, leaving a telltale rust-colored blemish. Such discoloration is notably a sign that immediate action must be taken, notably, since it means that the area of the ceiling has endured direct exposure to water — and this is likely only possible because the house’s sheathing and rafters are already soaked.

The post adds, “Rainwater will drip on your walls from the ceiling. You can see this as a dried trail from the ceiling and against the wall. If the drip trails happen much more frequently, it means you have roof leaks that need repairs immediately.”

Homeowners may similarly notice signs of damage in their insulation. The post says that insulation can absorb the water from a leak, but this can seriously damage its structure. The more water it absorbs, the weaker it will become, and this will result in insulation that appears torn and tattered. Upon spotting this, the post says homeowners should assume they have water damage and immediately take steps to find, contain, and resolve it.

As a rule, Slavin Home Improvements strongly recommends that people do their own research and see what multiple sources have to say about a topic. On one hand, this can alert a homeowner to the possible existence of errors in a specific source. On the other hand, it can shed light on certain aspects and provide more helpful context.

With this in mind, the post also refers to notes from another contractor. It is recommended that this section of the blog post be read in full as well since it covers what people should do after they discover water damage anywhere in their homes.

To begin with, it is recommended that homeowners get in touch with their insurance provider. The exact details of a homeowners’ insurance policy will vary greatly depending on the insurer in question and so on, so the first step should be to find out whether the loss is covered. This is especially crucial given that flood damage is not always covered.

Other tips include turning off the power if moisture is suspected to be in close proximity to power sources or wiring, moving valuables or other items to a safe area, and so on. In any case, they should start water mitigation as soon as possible.

If they need help dealing with roof damage, such as an issue that contributed to water damage, they may call Slavin Home Improvements. While water mitigation is outside the company’s line of services, they can repair roof damage and prevent future rainfall from introducing water where it is not wanted.

Slavin Home Improvements can be reached via phone or email. See more here: Roofing in Manchester.


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