Roofing Contractors Now Ready To Welcome New Customers

MI based Traverse City Roofing is pleased to share that new customers may now make use of the company’s roofing services. After responding to emergency calls and attending to many other projects over the winter, the company is once again available to help the general community with all their roofing needs.

One aspect that sets Traverse City Roofing apart from many others in the industry is the fact that they offer a reliable, affordable service that does not compromise on quality, no matter how simple or complex a project may be. The company is just as willing to serve residential customers as they are to take on commercial roofing projects, and their contractors bring years’ worth of expertise to every job site. The result of this is customers who are exceedingly happy with the company’s work, and the company explains that this is partly what keeps their team so busy. Most customers return whenever their roof suffers damage during a storm or similar mishap since they have come to expect nothing less than the best from TC Roofing.

Edmund B. shares some insight on the company’s practices in their 5-Star review, posted publicly on the Google profile for Traverse City Roofing. The review says, “We called them for a roofing inspection, and they came out within 24 hours. After completing the inspection, they were able to get roofers to our house within an hour and complete all repairs we needed. Keelin was great, and the roofing job was done fast and efficiently. Would highly recommend using them.”

In every project, the company explains, their team seeks to complete a job as swiftly as possible in order to minimize any inconvenience to the property’s inhabitants. While there is a hard limit on how fast their contractors can proceed (usually due to stringent safety and material requirements), the company is pleased to share that their team’s expertise enables them to avoid a wide range of errors that would ultimately lead to delays. Every action they take is precise, and the company carefully plots out each step of any roofing solution they develop to ensure there will be no unexpected surprises along the way. This has the advantage of virtually eliminating the risk of additional charges and fees midway through a project.

The company provides all manner of roofing services under the umbrella of installation, maintenance and repair. For instance, while some customers may simply wish for a functional roof that protects their home from the elements, others may wish to implement grander designs that serve additional purposes or are simply more aesthetically pleasing. Whatever the case may be, customers who work with Traverse City Roofing will find that the company is capable of implementing a solution all the way from design to construction.

“If you have an idea for your roof you think might be too outrageous,” says James Thomas of Traverse City Roofing, “we encourage you to present your thoughts to our team. The sole areas we refuse to compromise on are safety and structural stability, so virtually everything else you can imagine is realistically within your grasp. Come talk to us and explain what your goals are. Our contractors will investigate the viability of your ideas and give you options that are both practical and within your budget wherever possible.”

Traverse City Roofing has worked on a number of projects in their time, from simple tear off and reshingle jobs to brand new custom metal roofs. The company always looks forward to discussing new opportunities with their customers.

Customers are welcome to contact the company’s representatives today to request a free, no-obligation estimate for any work they want done on their roof. As a locally owned-and-operated company, Traverse City Roofing understands the value in providing a conscientious service that takes the customer’s individual needs into account. This is also why their crews offer a professional and courteous service every time they visit a site, and customers can expect the company to be completely upfront about their pricing as well. Whether they want a metal or asphalt roof, they will never have to deal with hidden charges once the project is already underway.

Learn more about Traverse City Roofing and their work via their official website. The company can also be reached through their social media platforms.


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