Roofing Contractors: Now Is The Time To Inspect Your Roof

MI based Traverse City Roofing is reaching out to recommend that homeowners schedule a roof inspection this spring. The company states that early spring is also an excellent time to get a new roof since the process does not take very long and it will give homeowners a chance to enjoy the new structure over the warmer months.

“If your home is quite old,” the company explains, “it may be time for you to think about replacing your roof with something more modern. Each part of your house can age at a different rate based on its construction and materials, so don’t be surprised if you find your roof has a shorter lifespan than the rest of the building. In fact, take this opportunity to look at our attractive rates and consider what modern amenities you would like installed with your next roof.”

Aside from obvious issues like large holes, heavily sagging roofs and chronic leaks, the average homeowner may not be able to make out whether their roof is past its expected lifetime or perhaps even suffered hidden damage that would make repairs too impractical. To ensure the roof is in good condition — or check if it is not — the company says it is better to request a professional inspection. Such inspections can uncover hidden issues well before they turn into bigger, costlier problems, so this benefits the homeowner even if their roof has several years of service left in it.

Traverse City Roofing can respond to any customer and provide a no-cost, no-obligation estimate within 1-2 business days. Following this, should the customer decide they wish to go through with the upgrade, the company can complete an installation within as little as 24-48 hours, give or take. In some extreme cases, it may take between 3-5 days, but customers will always be warned ahead of time if this is expected to be the case for their property. They can choose between a variety of roof types, materials, colors and so on, and the company will be pleased to implement their visions as closely as possible. Many, for instance, prefer to have an asphalt roof instead of a metal version, but there are many customers who prefer the latter as well.

Installing a new roof on an existing home is slightly more complicated than it would be for new construction, according to Traverse City Roofing. With the latter, the roof simply has to be added once the underlying structure is built. When working with an existing home, the company has to first tear off the old shingles and underlayment. Following this, new underlayment and new shingles can be installed. The company clarifies that customers can specify whether they wish the removal stage to be included as part of the overall estimate for the roofing project in question. Alternatively, they may have the removal service for the old shingles added as a distinct, separate line item.

Since spring is coming up, many will be making plans to get away for a weekend or spend time with their families for a short while. The company suggests that these plans be scheduled to coincide with their new roof. Traverse City Roofing is committed to making roof inspections, maintenance, repairs and installations as convenient for their customers as possible, and this means they offer a degree of flexibility in the scheduling process as well. Homeowners are welcome to discuss their requirements with the roofers at length to determine how best to proceed.

A glowing Google review from Edmund B. serves as an example of the company’s high standard of customer service. It says, “We called them for a roofing inspection and they came out within 24 hours. After completing the inspection they were able to get roofers to our house within an hour and complete all repairs we needed. Keelin was great and the roofing job was done fast and efficiently. Would highly recommend using them.”

Homeowners in need of any roofing services are welcome to contact Traverse City Roofing today. The company takes on all jobs, big or small, with equal enthusiasm, and they look forward to serving their community.


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