Roofing Contractor Serving Plano Texas Gets More Five Star Reviews

Mighty Dog Roofing of North DFW, a roofing contractor based in Plano, TX, is excited to announce they have received more five star reviews. The company provides roofing services in Plano and neighboring areas. They provide roof inspections, roof installation, roof repair, attic venting, gutter inspection, gutter repair, and gutter installation. Currently, they have an overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Google.

In a recent review, Christopher B. gave them a five star rating and said, “Matt was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable with the whole process. I am definitely going to recommend Mighty Dog to my friends and family.” In another five star review, Brittany W. said, “Matt was so professional, and kind! I highly recommend Mighty Dog Roofing and their team to everyone I know that needs their services.”

A spokesperson for Mighty Dog Roofing says, “When it comes to your home’s exterior, Mighty Dog Roofing delivers top-of-the-line services matched with the neighborly customer care our clients have come to love. Our team of skilled experts will conduct a free, detailed inspection of your home, treating it as our own. Whether your home needs a simple repair or a full roof replacement, expect to receive the transparent guidance you deserve. Whatever the case, our team will work to meet your safety and budget needs. We take pride in operating with quality material, hiring skilled roofers, and providing our customers with a high-quality experience. See for yourself; our reviews say it all.”

Mighty Dog Roofing of North DFW offers the Drone Superscan inspection service, which uses drone technology to help with the inspection of the roof and other external elements of the home. The inspection will look into 25 elements, such as: inspection of step counter flashing; inspection of skylights; ventilation inspection; inspection of valleys; eaves and rakes inspection; drip edge inspection; inspection of step and counter flashing; roof edging inspection; nail head inspection; soffits and fascia inspection; inspection of gutter aprons; hip and ridge inspection; inspection of roof sheathing or decking; plumbing stack inspection; chimney inspection; roof ventilation and exhaust system inspection; window inspection; attic inspection; gutters inspection; inspection of siding; downspouts inspection; inspection of furnace caps and pipes; inspection of storm damage caused by hail; foundation drainage inspection; aircon unit exterior inspection; and inspection of storm damage caused by the wind.

Mighty Dog Roofing also offers the Customer Vault, which is a personal storage provided for every client. It is a special storage for information related to the roof of each client. This allows Mighty Dog Roofing and the client to access information regarding the roof. The Customer Vault contains photos, videos, maintenance reports, the kinds of materials and products used, roofing projects done, warranties, and more. All of the details kept in the Vault provide relevant info on the condition of the roof and can be referred to by both Mighty Dog Roofing and the homeowner whenever a roofing project is planned.

Another key service they can provide is the Watchdog Maintenance service. This consists of annual inspections to make sure that any developing issues can be fixed as early as possible to prevent them from getting worse and become a serious issue in the future. They will also compare the yearly inspection reports as a way to make a fairly accurate prediction of how long the roof will last.

Mighty Dog Roofing of North DFW is locally owned and operated by Kent Raymer who was a trusted advisor to top Dallas-Fort Worth companies, such as American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Capital One, Dell, and Heartland Payment Systems. In his corporate role, Kent exercised the core values of honesty, kindness, and agility. After retiring from the corporate world, Kent became interested in Mighty Dog Roofing where he and his team use the best technology in the industry, premier craftsmanship, and quality materials to ensure the best roofing service possible.

Those who are in need of the services of a roofing contractor serving Plano Texas can go to the Mighty Dog Roofing website or contact them on the telephone. They are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.


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