Roofing Contractor Serving Brookfield Wisconsin With Attic Ventilation & More

Wisconsin based Mighty Dog Roofing of Milwaukee Metro is reminding homeowners to make sure their attic is adequately ventilated. Should anyone believe that this part of their home needs professional attention, Mighty Dog can be called to remedy the issue both quickly and affordably.

Many already understand the value of keeping air moving through an attic in the summer months, but ventilation should be maintained throughout the year. When temperatures are high, an under-ventilated attic can allow heat to build up within, leading to a number of issues that include higher cooling costs, roof damage and additional wear and tear on an air conditioning system’s internal components (which have to work harder to compensate for the heat buildup). Residents will also notice the entire property is less comfortable to inhabit.

However, Mighty Dog points out that attic ventilation should be maintained in the cold season as well, though perhaps not for all the same reasons. While the ultimate result is indeed a safer, more comfortable home, ventilation serves a few different purposes during the winter.

The foremost issue that ventilation solves, Mighty Dog Roofing of Milwaukee Metro explains, is the emergence (and subsequent buildup) of moisture. In sufficient amounts, water damage can be a serious threat to any structure, and roofs are no different. The company says that the exterior of a roof is designed to be resistant to water and snow, but the internal support structure may not be as resistant to water. An attic that is not ventilated will allow the humidity to rise, making condensation more likely on various surfaces. This introduces water where the roof (and other parts of the house) likely have little to no protection from it.

Those who have noticed warped roof decking on their home may be able to lay blame at the feet of inefficient attic ventilation. As moisture builds up, it can do so unevenly, leading the affected material to deform at different rates based on local moisture content. Unfortunately, this is only one of the milder issues that moisture can introduce. Wood rot can set in, or ice dams can form that cause damage as water backs up and freezes beneath a home’s shingles. In certain conditions, a homeowner may also notice mold growth, which is notoriously difficult to remove.

Therefore, the best course is always to prevent the conditions that can lead to such problems, and Mighty Dog says there are several solutions that can be used to do so. In many cases, natural ventilation will be suitable for a property that needs to maintain an equal ratio of air intake to exhaust. The company is familiar with a range of techniques to implement this with all kinds of roofing materials and structures. In certain cases, however, mechanical solutions (intake and exhaust vents) may be necessary as well, but the company assures that their team will still be able to help out if this situation arises.

Mighty Dog Roofing utilizes a range of innovative techniques and technologies to ensure their work and results are able to meet (and exceed) their community’s expectations. For instance, the company employs drones to capture footage and accurate measurements where required, and this data is used to build an accurate picture of all a house’s needs. As a roofing contractor serving Brookfield Wisconsin, Mighty Dog understands that building trust with the community is of vital importance, and the data their drones capture can be used to support the company’s recommendations on any project.

The company offers a number of services that are designed to protect a customer’s home. In addition to a full array of inspection, repair, maintenance and installation services for all kinds of roofs, the company can install and repair gutters, siding, skylights, windows and more. In fact, the team has a great deal of experience with various aspects of home improvement, and their expertise can be invaluable in many situations.

Mighty Dog Roofing makes themselves available for both residential and commercial customers, and the company can be reached by phone or email during opening hours. They also operate a 24-hour emergency response service for unexpected roof damage that needs to be addressed immediately.


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