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Rehab Near Me, an organization that connects those suffering from addiction with the best treatment centers in the country, is drawing attention to the stark correlation between substance abuse and mental health disorders.

While American healthcare facilities and statewide government policies place tremendous importance on the physical effects of addiction, the root cause of why someone chooses to seek solace in abusing substances in the first place often gets ignored. According to statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 40% to 60% of the patients who undergo treatment for substance use disorders eventually relapse.

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The spokesperson for Rehab Near Me explains, “Most rehabs are staffed by well-meaning medical professionals who are trained in addressing the physiological symptoms of withdrawal. They truly care about their patients and can assure that their clients come out at the other end of the program having overcome the adverse health effects of abruptly stopping drug use. However, as is evident in the shocking relapse statistics, something is going wrong in the nation’s drug treatment programs in identifying and addressing the true challenges that they are facing.”

Rehab Near Me asserts that there is a strong connection between addiction and the mind. Individuals suffering from substance addiction are also very likely to be struggling with co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. The debilitating nature of mental health disorders may make it hard for an individual to resist the allure of finding temporary relief by using prescription or illicit substances.

“Mental illness and substance use disorders have their own unique symptoms,” the spokesperson says, “but when they overlap, can you blame someone for finding it difficult, or even impossible, to maintain a semblance of a normal and stable work or home life? Their income, their relationships, and their standing in society all suffer, leading them further down into despair, making climbing out of that hole more challenging than ever. Cohesive addiction treatment programs that can understand and help patients with a dual diagnosis are, thus, key to a full recovery.”

Dual-diagnosis treatment centers take an integrated approach to their addiction and mental health programs. The treatments are designed such that both conditions are tackled simultaneously and the order in which they affected the individual is not considered relevant. Dual diagnosis treatment aims to fulfill patients’ physical as well as mental health needs, understand the triggers that prompt their addictive behaviors, and get to the bottom of the factors that are holding them back.

The treatment options offered at dual diagnosis centers include the mandatory medical detox but also additional services such as individual therapy, group counseling, peer support, family therapy, and more. Patients can also choose between 90 day, 60 day, or 30 day inpatient addiction programs, outpatient setups, or aftercare after they have finished the program.

Rehab Near Me can help Americans find dual diagnosis facilities near them and put them on the path to sustainable recovery. The organization works with mental health service clinics and providers to help find qualified facilities for those that need help.

“While there is still a huge issue of addiction and substance abuse, many of the underlying issues that cause addiction are mental health-related,” the spokesperson for Rehab Near Me says. “You cannot group the symptoms of each in a silo and work on them separately. Efforts have to be made to give patients holistic treatments that account for every roadblock preventing a healthy and productive life. Treating them like outcasts is not the right approach. Here at Rehab Near Me, we believe that making a slight adjustment in how addiction treatment is discussed and humanizing the people that suffer from addiction are the first steps in changing this mindset. These are our brothers and sisters, they are hurting, and they need our help.”

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