Radon Mitigation System Advised For Homeowners and Businesses In Akron

Uniontown, OH based Radon Eliminator is advising Akron homeowners and businesses to have their properties checked for radon gas accumulation. Akron is known to be a hotbed for radon gas, with properties in the area displaying some of the highest concentrations in Summit County. Since radon can be quite harmful to people and pets alike, especially in the long term, the company encourages their community to make sure they take every action possible to mitigate this issue.

Radon is a naturally-occurring gas that is inert, colorless, and odorless, making it all but impossible to detect with human senses. It is present in the atmosphere in trace amounts, but this means it is generally not concentrated enough to present a health issue outdoors. The reason it is considered dangerous is the fact that it is radioactive, which is particularly concerning given that most cases of radon exposure tend to take place indoors, in homes, workplaces, and so on. Schools are not exempt from this danger either, which means many children in a single community can unknowingly be exposed to radon if the grounds do not have adequate mitigation procedures in place.


While the body can accommodate minor levels of radioactivity, especially for a short time, the fact that radon is so difficult to detect without specialized tools means that most people find themselves in contact with it for extended periods. Furthermore, being a gas, radon is inhaled into the lungs, which are subsequently the most affected. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), breathing in radon over time increases the individualsā€™ risk of lung cancer ā€” and radon is considered the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US (behind smoking). This is why it is crucial for property owners and administrators to have professional testing carried out on a regular basis.

The EPA also recommends that homes be fitted with mitigation systems if the radon level is found to be at least 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter). Of nearly 9,000 tests carried out in Akron, the highest recorded level of radon was 71.60 pCi/L. This is nearly 18 times over the action level designated by the EPA.

Fortunately, finding an Akron radon mitigation solution is not a difficult process. All a homeowner needs to do, for instance, is get in touch with Radon Eliminator. The company has long recognized that Akron has the highest need for radon mitigation in Summit County, and their licensed professionals are always standing by to offer a prompt service. Any customer can contact the company today to have their property tested, following which they will recommend a suitable response.

Radon needs to be suctioned out of any zone on the property where residents will spend any length of time, so the team will begin by looking for a site where they can install a suction point. Out of consideration for their customer, the company will ensure that this point will not clash with the overall decor of the house while still offering optimal performance. Then, the team will drill a 5" hole into the basement slab for the deployment of the mitigation system. The contractor on site will test the soil and substrate material to determine how large the radon communication pit should be (a channel that allows radon to flow away from the property). Notably, a discharge point has to be found that will release the radon gas into the atmosphere instead of allowing it to recirculate back into the house.

Radon Eliminator will then begin the pipe fitting process by sealing the pipe base directly into the ground, picking an appropriate pipe pathway, and installing the pipes along with a ventilation fan in the same pathway. This fan will be the primary force pulling radon gas out of the property. The company adds that customers need not take their word for granted that the radon mitigation system has been installed properly. They install a system monitor gauge to ensure the ventilation system is working correctly and then check the system via a simple test to ensure airflow is being directed as intended. Once installed, this system will function for quite some time without maintenance or upkeep. The company even offers a written Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee & 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty for every radon mitigation system they install.


If a homeowner suspects a radon problem in their home, the company advises them to take the precautionary measure of opening all their windows immediately to air out the property. Once contacted, their team will soon arrive to test for radon gas and install a more permanent solution if necessary. Customers may call or email Cedric Mims of Radon Eliminator for more information.


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