Quilted Black Bomber For Men Canada - New Light Waterproof Jacket 2022 Launched

Montreal, Quebec -

Canadian fashion brand, Frank And Oak is pleased to announce that the men’s Skyline reversible bomber in black is now in stock. Customers who have been waiting to get their hands on this item are welcome to visit the online store today to make their next purchase. They can also get the Skyline reversible bomber in rosin, dark blue, and brown.

With spring and summer on the horizon, customers may eventually wish to get either the rosin or brown shades of the Skyline reversible bomber. However, black is among the brand’s most popular colours no matter what the clothing in question is, and with good reason - black is versatile enough to be suitable for virtually all seasons. The bomber comes in sizes ranging from S to XXL so everyone can enjoy its stylistic and practical advantages. Visit https://ca.frankandoak.com/products/the-skyline-reversible-bomber-in-black-1410207-002 to learn more.

Quilted black bomber for Men

Frank And Oak is committed to manufacturing the best apparel in the industry without compromising on sustainability, labour-friendly practices, and eco-friendly standards. As a result, customers who frequent Frank And Oak’s extensive collections can always rest assured that they are sourcing clothing from a responsible retailer.

The Skyline bomber is made from a recycled PET bottle blend and animal-free Thermore® Ecodown® insulation. Its construction enables it to be both wind-resistant and water-repellent, making an excellent jacket for virtually every season and occasion. Customers will find that it keeps them both warm and dry despite the best attempts of the Montréal climate.

As previously announced, one feature that makes the Skyline bomber appropriate for all functions is its fully reversible nature. One side sports a diamond-shaped quilted texture, two welt side pockets with zipper closure, and a patch pocket at the chest. Here, the store notes that the NATULON® zipper tapes are made from recycled material (including PBT, PET, and POM) using a chemical process that facilitates further recycling. Even the label is made from recycled polyester. The bomber is made with recycled polyester sourced from discarded materials and its lining is made with recycled fibres as well.

Conversely, turning the jacket inside out will reveal a smooth surface with two lower seam pockets on each side. It also has a cire finish that considerably improves its longevity, characterised by the shiny, glossy surface. Cire is sometimes referred to as a ‘wet look fabric’ due to its appearance, and it allows clothing to assume some of the protective properties of hard-shell exteriors without adding more bulk and weight. This makes the Skyline bomber excellent for long walks, hikes, and more. Its ribbed collar and cuffs also make it more suitable for such purposes.

Customer reviews for this product are quite favourable. Sebastian G. shares in their 5-Star review: “Right decision to get my hands on one of these. My wife loved it too, which is a huge plus point! The fabric is really warm, and the jacket looks great when I wear it. Very happy with Frank and Oak products!”

Here’s an excerpt from a review by Ivan E. who says: “I absolutely love this jacket, and am fighting the urge to buy it in another colour. First off, it's warmer than I expected. So far, it has kept me comfortable in 40-50 degree weather.”

Customers may place their order for the Skyline reversible bomber in black today, knowing that Frank And Oak offers free shipping and returns in many circumstances, and also uses eco-friendly packaging. To find out more visit https://ca.frankandoak.com/pages/smart-layer-outerwear-mw?


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