Queens Criminal Justice Attorney Keetick Sanchez Explains The Work of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Queens criminal justice attorney Keetick Sanchez releases a new article (https://accidentlawyer-queens.com/criminal-justice-attorney/) that discusses what roles a criminal justice attorney may have and how they can help. The lawyer mentions that New York's legal justice system can be overwhelming, especially for those facing criminal charges. She also mentioned that facing criminal charges could make someone feel vulnerable or afraid.

“When you are facing criminal charges in Queens, the consequences can be daunting. A criminal record may impact your future ability to get a job, find a place to live, or even apply to a school of your choice. This may affect your entire future. Don’t leave your representation to chance,” says the Queens criminal justice attorney.

The lawyer explains that a criminal defense attorney may be able to assist with DWI cases. DWI charges in Queens carry serious penalties. These penalties include heavy fines, license suspensions, or revocations. A DWI conviction can result in a criminal record. A skilled criminal defense attorney may help to reduce the charges.

Attorney Sanchez also mentions that in New York, misdemeanors are crimes that can result in sentences of between 15 and 364 days imprisonment. Queens Courts are known for imposing more lenient penalties for misdemeanors and possible probation periods, depending upon the charges and the individual's criminal record.

In the article, the lawyer discusses that if someone has been charged with a felony in Queens or the surrounding areas, they may face serious punishments and potential incarceration. For someone with a prior conviction or criminal history, felony charges can carry a wide degree of classifications and penalties.

According to the criminal defense lawyer, “Under New York laws, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription is considered illegal. New York law classifies controlled substances into five schedules, with Schedule I substances the most dangerous and carrying the highest levels of punishment. As the levels decrease in their danger and abuse probability, so does their level of punishment for the accused with some only classified as a Class A misdemeanor.”

Queens criminal justice attorney

Lastly, attorney Keetick emphasizes the importance of having an experienced criminal defense attorney if someone is being charged with a criminal offense. Having an experienced defense lawyer may help the defendant understand their rights and make sure that they are making the best decisions moving forward.

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