Phoenix AZ Auto Detailing Firm Expands Car Waxing & Polishing Service

Phoenix, Arizona -

Phoenix AZ auto detailing specialist firm d.i. Auto Care / Car Detailing Phoenix announced the expansion of its car waxing and polishing services in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The service covers the interior and exterior revitalization of vehicles of all classes at customer locations around the city.

Phoenix AZ auto detailing firm d.i. Auto Care / Car Detailing Phoenix announced the expansion of its detailing service in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The service makes the company's high-quality auto detailing services available to customers across the Valley of the Sun at their homes and offices.

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The company's Valley wide mobile detailing service has been expanded to cover the areas in and around the Phoenix Metro area and includes full internal and external revitalization. Services provided include soft water washing, glass cleaned, deep cleaning of painted surfaces, buffing, tire and wheel dressing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and exterior polishing.

Interior and exterior detailing services are typically provided as in-house services on account of their labor-intensive processes and reliance on static equipment. d.i. Auto Care / Car Detailing Phoenix specializes in one of the city's most efficient cleaning services available at any client location.

The company provides mobile services for all classes of automobiles including luxury cars, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, buses, and even aircraft. The company's service philosophy focuses on the efficient, cost-effective, and customer-specific cleaning and reconditioning of the vehicle to suit local climatic conditions.

According to a spokesperson for d.i. Auto Care / Car Detailing Phoenix, "The continued expansion of our automotive and mobile detailing services to newer areas of Phoenix is a culmination of three decades of excellence in the detailing business. We continue to provide high-quality services on demand at any location in and around the city."

For more than 30 years, d.i. Auto Care / Car Detailing Phoenix has been an interior and exterior auto detailing firm headquartered in Ahwatukee. The company also provides insurance-approved windshield repair and replacement services alongside tinting services to protect against Arizona's blazing sun. More information is available at their website.


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