Pet Owners Learn About Their Dogs With Global Dog Breeds Including Chusky, Akita And Shepherd

Global Dog Breeds is reaching out to help their community of dog owners learn more about their furry companions and improve their standard of care. Owned-and-operated by people who know how difficult it can be to find reliable information about certain breeds, the platform has made it their mission to ensure that every visitor can find what they are looking for, potentially allowing them to take better care of their pets.

Upon visiting the website, users will find a plethora of information waiting at their fingertips. The platform understands that many visitors will be looking for the perfect pet, so they can browse for the kind of breed that best suits their preferences and environment. For instance, many will prefer to have a dog that is known to be easy to train, so a special category has been included that lists such breeds. Similarly, some visitors may need pets who are good with children — Global Dog Breeds advises users to check out their ‘Kid Friendly Dogs’ section for more.

Upon browsing the website, users may come across the Chusky, a loving and affectionate breed that owners can expect to build a close bond with. However, the page for this breed (as with all its listings) covers much more than the expected advantages an owner can experience with a Chusky. It also covers the potential drawbacks or accommodations that will have to be made in order to keep this breed healthy. For instance, while many will appreciate the Chusky’s desire for closeness, potential owners should note that this breed is prone to separation anxiety if they are away for too long. As a result, they may not be recommended for owners who have to leave home for long periods, such as when they travel for work and so on.

Similarly, this affectionate nature does not mean the Chusky is equally great with all members of the family. While they may not be considered aggressive pets, the website advises adult supervision around children. Other information on the page discusses what kind of exercise they need, how best to groom them and so on.

On another page, users may also come across the Akita Shepherd, which is also known as the Shepkita. Global Dog Breeds says the Akita Shepherd is a mix of the German Shepherd and an Akita Inu. This crossbreed has some notable history attached to it since its intelligence led it to being adopted by German forces as a courier dog for the German military, and it was used in both World War I and World War II.

Modern owners find that the Shepkita is a large dog whose size is matched only by its courage. This courage, complemented by their stout figure and muscular build, makes them excellent in personal protection roles. Global Dog Breeds says their intelligence remains a noteworthy aspect of their behavior to this day, and their aggression can be tempered with good training, which leads them to become exceptionally obedient dogs. While this makes them excellent guard dogs, potential owners should note that the Akita Shepherd is also known for being very affectionate and loyal, and their energetic and playful nature means they may be willing to work with strangers if given the chance.

Those interested in learning more about the history of certain breeds will also have much to find on the Global Dog Breeds platform. To begin with, they may wish to look into the Afghan Hound, which studies of the canine genome suggest are among the oldest breeds of dogs. Their easily apparent speed likely meant that they were initially used to hunt fast-moving animals that were native to their area, such as deer and so on.

As with the Shepkita, the Afghan Hound has some historical significance in that they were brought by British officers to the West — and many unfortunately perished during the first World War due to food shortages. This is one of the reasons the remaining Afghan Hounds were carefully bred in the aftermath. As with the Chusky and Akita Shepherd, the page for the Afghan Hound includes information on their care and grooming recommendations, among many other notable aspects that owners will appreciate.

Global Dog Breeds works hard to keep their information up to date and in line with the best recommendations from trainers and breeders around the world. Those who want to learn more about their pets (or who are looking for a companion that will fit in well with their existing lifestyle) can start by visiting Global Dog Breeds online.


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