Patient Thanks WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Tampa for Helping Her Get Her Life Back on Track

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Tampa, FL - Addiction experts say relapse can be a normal part of the process of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction and that it doesn’t mean a person has failed. In fact, the disease of addiction is chronic and relapsing in nature, so most recovering addicts will relapse at least once in their recovery journey - it's part of the learning process. What’s important is getting back into treatment as soon as possible if a relapse does occur.

Cee had maintained her sobriety for four years when she relapsed. When she did, she reached out to WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Tampa for help. “WhiteSands Treatment Center helped me get back on track,” she said. “I relapsed after having four years clean.”

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Tampa Florida

Cee had such a positive experience going back to rehab at WhiteSands, that she left the treatment center a heartfelt five-star review on Google. “From the first day there to the day I left my overall treatment was a blessing,” she said. The entire nursing staff there is phenomenal! I was very emotional over the fact that I relapsed. The nurses continued to assure me that everything will be OK.”

WhiteSands puts a great deal of emphasis on patient comfort. Founders Garry Jonas and Joseph Ducey set out to create a center that would set a new standard of care in the field of addiction treatment. “We recognized that national relapse rates were abysmal and treatment protocols had remained stagnant for years. We had a vision to create a treatment program that stood well above its competitors and that treated patients as individuals,” said Jonas. They discovered that by providing many of the comforts of home, patients actually achieved better treatment outcomes. When patients are able to relax, let their guard down, and feel positive about themselves and their surroundings, they are much more receptive to therapy.

To achieve this, WhiteSands provides private rooms with private bathrooms, and cell phones and laptops are allowed in the evening once treatment is over for the day. Their inpatient treatment center is set on a 10-acre campus with walking paths, fountains, tropical landscaping, and beach volleyball courts. Their newly constructed rec center and athletics complex is complete with a full gym, personal trainers, yoga classes, and a regulations-sized boxing ring where patients can be trained by professional boxing trainers.

The WhiteSands boxing program is open to anyone who wishes to participate and is a favorite among clients who say it’s an ideal way to release difficult emotions that come up during a long day of therapy.

“The gym and the personal trainers (that’s right personal trainers) are wonderful. They have full weights, treadmills, and a boxing gym,” said Cee.

WhiteSands was rated the number one addiction treatment center in Florida by Newsweek magazine the past two years in a row. This professional recognition combined with hundreds of positive reviews from former patients like Cee helps the treatment center know that they are achieving their goal of setting a new standard for addiction care.

Cee ended her review by saying, “Most importantly the therapist and group facilitators ALL have a passion to help others. They have a multitude of groups being provided there daily. You will get out of this place what you put in it. Anyone who struggles with addiction or has a loved one struggling with addiction, I highly recommend this facility. I'm currently two months clean and chose to leave this review in hopes to inspire someone else who is seeking help.”

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