Pathfinders Recovery Center Offers Drug Rehab Treatment in Denver and Throughout Colorado

Aurora, Colorado -

Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado), based in Aurora, CO, is pleased to announce that they offer a fully accredited facility for drug rehab in Colorado and are ready to offer convenience and care in treating individuals who are struggling with an addiction in Denver and throughout Colorado. They are capable of providing the care required for a person to recover from minor, moderate, or even severe drug addiction. Rehab programs can help people stop their harmful drug or medication use and they can show how one can develop a sober lifestyle and avoid getting involved again in drug/ medication misuse in the future.

Their rehab programs can also provide assistance to non-addicted individuals who are involved in serious drug abuse. This is because drug abuse and addiction symptoms are not always separate. Many individuals are suffering from the impact of both problems. Serious abuse and addiction are part of a combined category illness known as substance use disorder (SUD). And each major type of prescription of street drug has its own SUD subcategory, such as: stimulant use disorder (examples are cocaine or methamphetamine addiction/abuse); opioid use disorder (examples are heroin, fentanyl or oxycodone addiction/abuse); and sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic use disorder (one example is benzodiazepine addiction/abuse).

Finding drug rehab Colorado has never been easier, with Pathfinder Recovery Center in Aurora

Meanwhile, cocaine addiction treatment Colorado residents can rely on is one of the specialties at Pathfinders Recovery Center. Dr. George, Koob, the director of the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, pointed out in 2015 that the brain changes as to how it perceives pleasure in addiction. The result is that simple pleasures no longer provide satisfaction because the brain perceives them as less pleasurable. And the person struggling with an addiction starts to replace the happy joys often experienced in life with drug addiction, which results into the mind craving for more of the drug. This cycle is cemented into place during the process of addiction, which makes it very difficult to get out of the cycle.

At Pathfinders Recovery Center, they are ready to treat the withdrawal symptoms for crack and cocaine addictions, such as: increase in appetite; mood swings; disrupted, dream-filled sleep; feelings of sadness or depression; brain fog; feelings of anger or agitation; and intense cravings for cocaine or crack. This is a challenging phase or recovery and the counselors and physicians at the facility can make it easier for clients. They can provide medication that will help in reducing the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms. And they would also like to make known that they can accept a wide variety of private insurance carriers, including the State Medicaid from certain regions in the state.

And as part of their full continuum of care for the treatment of addiction, Pathfinders Recovery Center also offers a partial hospitalization program in Colorado. This program provides a step down for residential treatment while offering structure and accountability. It is the perfect fit for those who are interested in the next step after inpatient treatment, or for a client with moderately severe issues and is not able to commit to living full time at their facility. This program will help clients stabilize their uncontrolled health problems and prepare them to continue in their journey towards abstinence. These are outpatient programs that allow clients to stay at home while receiving treatment.

Established in 2017, the Pathfinders Recovery Center has over 25 years of combined experience in providing treatment for various types of addiction and co-occurring disorders and in offering help to people who are experiencing problems with an addiction to finally be on their way towards recovery. They are capable of offering drug and alcohol rehab services at their advanced treatment facilities in Colorado and Arizona. They have also developed a program that teaches integrity, responsibility, honesty, hard work, and leadership to their clients. The primary goal of this program is for clients to ultimately enjoy a sober life in the end. And they offer people struggling with an addiction different kinds of tools for them to have a solid foundation on which to establish a clean, sober, and accomplished life.

Those who want to know more about the drug and alcohol rehab services in Colorado can visit the Pathfinders Recovery Center website, or contact them through the telephone.


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